Recreating nature with crafts

The children have been doing a spot of craft outside in the sunshine this week. They decided to create a nature scene with their Bostik Box. They had a good sort out of all their Bostik supplies before getting started.

Bostik crafts

They made snails by winding pipe cleaners around in a circle and attaching a small googly eye – two of these pipe cleaners stuck together completed the snail.

Bostik crafts tots 100

One of the little boys made a birds nest with a basket and some wooden beads and then with some help from their big sister they made a bird to go with the bird nest.

Bostik crafts tots 100

They used shredded paper for grass and made a hungry caterpillar out of twine and beads, attaching everything to thick brown paper.

Bostik crafts tots 100

They then used the fun foam butterflies and dragonflies to add to the scene, as well as making furry caterpillars out of pipe cleaners and big googly eyes.

Bostik crafts tots 100

Some blue felt completed the sky for the scene, they added the bird and nest and a few more foam creatures and their work of art was complete!

Bostik crafts tots 100

It was nice to be able to do this outside without everything blowing away.

Have your little ones done much craft lately? Let us know what they’ve been making.


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