Spreading positive messages

Everyone could do with some positive messages at the moment I think. It can get very difficult for so many people when lots of things seem a bit hopeless. Not everyone is able to be positive when life gets tough.

I’ve seen a lot of things on social media recently, with people saying that they are struggling to cope with lock down and the general global situation. Many people almost seem disappointed in themselves that they aren’t coping well, but no one has trained for this, no one has planned for it – a few months ago no one could have dreamed of this.

So how can we raise everyone’s spirits during this time?

“Every day may not be good… but there’s something good in every day.” Alice Morse Earle, American Historian


Wearing clothing with positive slogans can help to lift the mood. Like this white “In a world where you can be anything – be kind” t-shirt. This comes in three colours, white, stone and the black be kind t-shirt.

These are so simple, easy to wear and go with anything . Jeans, sports wear, that black loungewear, grey loungewear and even shorts.

There are some really powerful slogan tops out there at the moment, this one became very popular after the tragic death of Caroline Flack

Social media

Social media can be damaging to people’s lives, we know that. We know that when people misuse it things can go very wrong.

We also know however, that social media can have a fantastic positive impact on a global scale.

Social media makes keeping in touch very easy, it really supports communication and makes the world feel smaller, something that is really important right now.

It has become very easy to get knowledge from renowned experts and professionals through the social media, and connect with a range of learning groups. You can easily follow anyone to boost your knowledge. Regardless of your educational background, you can learn various skills without paying for them, all from your own home.

Did you know- 59% of schools say their students use social networking for educational purposes.

Social media can help delivery mass messages quickly and on repeat. For example “Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” – no one with access to social media will have missed this message.

Social media has the ability to build a community. Strange but true. People think that social media and smartphones simply take away from community spirit and socialising, but have you ever considered that it actually does the opposite? Play this one out.

Have you ever seen those groups on Facebook that are dedicated to residents in a certain smaller area? Perhaps you belong to some of them? It’s the place where people will share about any sort of neighbourhood problems, missing pets, local fairs, things for parents in the area and other similar things. The number of responses those things get is insane!

Because of people of so many ages now being a part of social media networking, it can help the community to thrive and connect people of all ages. Local and charity events might not get the intake of people that they do at present if it wasn’t for groups like this on social media, and that’s something that’s worth remembering.

The way you talk to people

We all know people who are negative. Negative about everything. People who see the darkness in everything, rather than search for that flicker of light. It’s so important to be aware that when you talk to people in a negative way, that can negatively impact on the way they feel, bringing them down.

Equally of course, when you give off positive vibes that can also bring people up and help them to move out of a negative spiral. By being positive, you help others to be positive too.

What you give out to the world

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler, Artist

Some people just ooze positivity. There are others who seem to get irritated by this, but perhaps those are the people who are locked in a negative spiral. I think there is often a misconception that positive people are those without a care in the world, the people for whom things always go right, those who don’t have any tragedy in their lives – of course, that is simply not true.

Positive people are generally highly resilient and work very hard at being positive and moving forward.

Have a think about how you can spread some positive messages to others.

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