Struggling with sensitive skin? Top tips that can help

Sensitive skin can be quite a difficult thing to handle. People can struggle with it in different ways. From itchy skin, or blotchiness and even sore areas and blisters. Sometimes people have skin conditions causing the sensitiveness like eczema. Or perhaps it’s just having an allergic reaction to things you come into contact with.

Whatever the reason it may feel like you can’t ease it in anyway. With the new year in full flow, often we can feel motivated to tackle some of the major issues. So with that in mind, here are some of the top tips that can help with sensitive skin.

Use medicated creams

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If you have sensitive skin because of a condition like acne or eczema, your doctor can prescribe a medicated cream and solutions to use. These tend to be great in helping ease sensitive skin. They are free from chemicals that react to the skin harmful and are often unfragranced. Causing less irritation, if any, when applied to your skin. This enables you to keep your skin clean and healthy without the fear of causing a further reaction.

Change washing soap


Sometimes sensitive skin occurs due to a reaction. Many people can feel the symptoms of sensitive skin when they wear their clothes. Often this is due to having a reaction to the washing soap used. It’s a good idea to check the labels and see what ingredients have been used. A top tip would be to consider non-biological washing powder which is kinder on the skin.

Consider alternative ways to launder clothes

If your skin is sensitive to washing powders and you can’t seem to find something that will help, you may want to consider alternative ways to launder your clothes. There are eco-friendly dry cleaning services available which use a wet cleaning system. They are not only perfect for sensitive skin but great at removing stains. You could even purchase some soothing sheets to help with the problem. 

Change your diet

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Certain foods can aggravate your skin and make things worse. This is why it’s always worth looking at your diet and seeing if the foods you are eating are causing you issues. Seeing your doctor or getting the wheels in motion for allergy tests from GPs Powered by babylon could help you determine a cause. Things like gluten, eggs and dairy being the main culprits. Try and keep a food diary and workout what you are eating and when the sensitive skin is worsened.

Protect your skin

Skin damage can be one of the biggest irritations of sensitiveness, but also the biggest cause of skin ageing. Which is why it’s always best to be overprotective with your skin, especially if it is sensitive. This is where wearing a cream with an SPF protection is recommended. Especially during the summer and when out in the sun.

Read labels

When you have sensitive skin it’s always worth reading the labels on things. Knowing what triggers the sensitivity is vital to making sure you avoid products that will make things worse in the future.

Consider natural ingredients


Finally, try and consider some natural ingredients to ease the sensitivity in your skin. Whether it’s itchiness, rashes, sores or spots, there is something for everyone. Ingredients to consider using would be aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and honey. Look out for tutorials online which advise how best to use them.


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  1. I have sensitive skin and it is a daily struggle. I cannot wear great makeup in formal events because my skin starts itching. If I really insist, I have to buy hypoallergenic expensive ones. However, I think the good side of having sensitive skin is I am at less risk from prolonged use of dangerous products since my skin would instantly react against it. Thank you for your blog, I am motivated to continue with my natural skin care regimen.

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