Summer Nights Around The Fire

We love summer evenings around an outdoor fire. Whether it’s a full on bonfire, cooking sausages in the fire pit, or toasting marshmallows in the chimenea and making smores, its’ always a lovely way to spend some time in the evenings.

Last weekend we took the winter cover off the chimenea and got it back in action for the summer months. A couple of times last year it was quite hard to light and then we did have a few issues where we seemed to be relighting it all the time to get it to burn well.

This time we tried out some of the products from White Horse Energy. They are the UK’s largest supplier of firewood and briquettes, so perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a few summer fires, or anyone getting stocked up for open fire season in the winter.

What’s needed for a good fire?

Years ago I remember my dad starting a BBQ with those white crumbly firelighters that smelt REALLY bad. Other people’s dads used to get carried away and tip half a bottle of lighter fuel on the BBQ! Even as a child I thought – there must be another way!

These days we really like the Eco Blaze Natural Firelighters. We’ve been using these for a couple of years now, so when I discovered White Horse Energy sell these, I was already converted.

If you haven’t tried these little beauties, I’m telling you, you need them in your life. These are natural, clean, and odourless. We use these in our log burner in the winter, as well as the BBQ /fire pit and chimenea in the summer. I’ve even used them to get our bonfires going and you only need one!

They are fast to ignite and burn fiercely for about 8 minutes. They are made from shredded fir that is dipped in wax and suitable for all kinds of fires.

Just add them to a few blocks of kiln dried kindling (something we also use on our log burner during the winter) and you will have a roaring fire in no time!

If you are planning on being outside a while and want some decent burn time, without having to constantly put log on the fire, try out the Pini-Kay’s – also known as Tiger Logs. These are fierce burning, long lasting and eco-friendly – you simply cannot go wrong with one of these. You can use these on their own, or mix them in with your regular fuel.

If you aren’t looking for something that will burn for hours, you could just opt for something like their Kiln Dried Birch, which burns well and gives a really intense flame.

Grab a discount

If you are planning on some marshmallow toasting this summer, or having a few friends around for drinks in the garden and you want to stay cosy, you’ll need some decent products to burn. If you want to make a saving on your purchases, just enter mummyfever1 at the checkout to get 5% off your basket.

This is a collaborative article.

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