Support during perimenopause and menopause from Tisserand Aromatherapy

If you are a regular reader of the blog you may have seen my article on taking action early when it comes to perimenopause, if not, you can read it here. I discuss some of the myths around HRT, so if you are interested, do pop over to the article.

During the transitional period of the perimenopause and menopause, commonly reported symptoms to include everything from headaches and hot flushes to brain fog and memory issues. Whilst everyone experiences varying symptoms and at differing levels, a huge 70% report a ‘change in their mood’ as the most common symptom. Anyone notice this?

Supporting Mood

Best known for their unrivalled expertise in aromatherapy and pure essential oils, Tisserand Aromatherapy has been sourcing and carefully crafting pre-blended products to help enhance mood and wellbeing, since 1974 and already cater to several menopausal symptoms, including sleep issues, energy depletion, and anxiety. I used their muscle ease products a few years ago after a marathon and was really impressed, but only recently realised they had a live of products designed to support women in perimenopause and menopause.

Understanding the effect that unsettled emotions can have on our overall wellbeing, the Tisserand team and their in-house expert, Aromatherapist Jo Kellett, set out to create Restore Balance, an expertly blended range of products specifically designed to be used as a supportive toolkit by anyone and everyone experiencing changes to their mood.

The settling blend of 100% natural pure essential oils – recognised across the globe for their emotional supportive properties – helps to enhance well-being and mood, reinstate a sense of calm and generally help deal with the everyday stressors of modern-day life.

Which oils?

• Comforting Geranium, known to soothe emotional turmoil and help find balance
• Nurturing Rose to gently assist in the release of tension and promote self-esteem
• Uplifting Clary Sage to revive yet relax the mind to combat mood imbalances associated with the menopause – this is a commonly recommend oil for both massage (with a carrier oil) and in diffusers.

With 3 out of 4 women saying they experienced more settled emotions after using the blend for two weeks, the Restore Balance range aims to help re-balance the seesaw of emotions during the transitional time of menopause. The collection has also been intentionally designed to easily slip into everyday routines with a range of easy-to-use pre-blended product formats.

The collection includes a range of supportive and easy-to-use products that can be used as part of a daily routine or as stand-alone products for the ultimate self-care routine:

The Range

Bath & Shower Wash (£14)
Feel harmonised and settle emotions with this mood-balancing blend. Simply massage all over the body in the shower or bath before rinsing well. Inhaling the blend has a restorative effect and can easily be part of your daily routine. It will also leave the skin feeling beautifully moisturised.

This smells amazing and the heat of the bath or shower seems to carry the scent throughout the room. The smell also seems to stay on skin for quite a long time, which is lovely. This also seems to soften the skin nicely.

Bath Oil (£16)
Take time out and harmonise body and mind with the Restore Balance Bath Oil. Pour generously into your bath, swirl to disperse and relax. Follow with the Restore Balance Body Oil for the complete restoring bathing ritual. Perfect for all-over hydration, with moisturising and nourishing benefits.

Close the door whilst the bath runs – that way you become engulfed in the gorgeous scent when you walk in. The oil is lovely and softening on the skin, without leaving a greasy residue on you or the bath.

Pulse Point Roller Ball (£8)
Keep this handy Pulse Point Roller Ball close by to find harmony and feel yourself again while on the go. Gently roll onto pulse points at the temples, neck and wrists or apply behind the ears. Can be used repeatedly throughout the day for a continuous aroma boost.

This is the one to keep in your bag or in the car – roll it on before the school run, a meeting, whilst stuck in traffic etc to help you remain balanced.

Body Oil (£13)
Support and harmonise body and mind with the mood-balancing and skin pampering Restore Balance Body Oil, rich in nourishing Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids .After a bath or shower, warm oil between your palms and massage into the skin. Inhaling the blend has a restorative effect.

This is probably my favourite of the products. I love body oil but this one is really lovely as it is really nourishing without being greasy. It soaks nicely into the skin.

Body & Room Mist (£12)
Harmonise body and mind with a spritz of this mood-balancing Body & Room Mist. Spray directly on your body, pillow, linen or the space around you for an instant aroma boost. Inhaling the blend has a restorative effect. Great for when you are on the go or around the home.

This is lovely as it is a multi-purpose product. I love that it can be used both on the skin and then on clothing and bed linen, or just spritzed around the room.

Diffuser Oil (£9.50)
Help harmonise your inner emotions by creating a soothing environment/atmosphere with this balancing Diffuser Oil. Add 6 to 8 drops to an Aroma Spa, burner or diffuser. Inhaling the blend has a restorative effect and the Diffuser Oil is a neat blend so has the strongest scent in the range.

You could try this on your desk, or in your bedroom perhaps, to create a relaxing atmosphere – it’s worth a try.

The Discovery Kit (£16)
Experience a sense of harmony with the Restore Balance Discovery Kit. Featuring the Restore Balance Body Oil (9ml), Body & Room Mist (10ml) and Pulse Point Roller Ball (10ml) this is the ultimate kit to keep handy in your bag when on the go or to give the gift of balance.

The Verdict

These products will not solve all your perimenopausal and menopausal issues, and neither do they claim to – but they can certainly contribute to promoting a sense of balance and calm, which in turn can have a number of other knock-on effects.


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