How to survive bathtime with a toddler

So, you’ve got a toddler, maybe more than one. Congratulations! You made it past the baby stage. I bet you willed them to crawl and walk didn’t you? Well now is the time you start regretting that.

Now they can move, you will wish they couldn’t and that most certainly applies to bathtime.

Prepare for carnage people.

Bathtime with a toddler often goes one of two ways. Either you can’t get them in, or you can’t get them out! Either way, not ideal, especially when it’s a busy week night and you’ve got a ton of things to get done.

Bath toys, become weapons – you see his face here, he’s getting ready to launch the toys out of the bath at me!

how to survive bathtime with a toddler

The floor becomes so wet, it’s hard to distinguish it from the bath itself. The bathroom mirror becomes a target for the shots from that bathtime water pistol that annoying thoughtful relative bought for them, and you will require your entire towel collection to contain the splashes and prevent water dripping into the kitchen – where are the buckets again?

So, how can we prepare for this?

Firstly, you know that cosy apron towel you had for your baby? Ditch that, you are better off heading up to bathtime with a toddler in your rain jacket. Start off prepared and cover the entire floor with towels, you are going to need them.

Stock up on bath products with pump action dispensers, they are way easier as you can wash them with one hand and deflect flying bath toys with the other hand. Of course, get something that is kind to their skin, just because they can spin you into a frenzy, doesn’t mean they have lost all their sensitive parts. If you use something like the FrezyDerm baby collection, their skin will be protected, and you meanwhile will be transported back in time to the days of sweet smelling, giggly babies – basically because it has that lush baby smell.

how to survive bathtime with a toddler

If you have a tiled floor, having one of those squeezy mop thingys to hand might prove useful. Remove anything you want to keep dry from the vicinity, and remember, this too shall pass!

When all else fails, if you can’t beat them, join them. Hop in the bath together – you might just find there is a little less carnage than normal!

Good luck!

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