The Best Solutions For Common Relationship Mishaps

Let’s face it, being in love isn’t easy! Relationships have their ups and downs, and unfortunately it’s pretty rare to find a couple who have no disagreements or differences. That being said, couples who don’t disagree or argue at all always make be a bit suspicious. As long as they aren’t huge and constant, disagreements are part and parcel of a healthy relationship.

What about when things do go wrong though?

Feeling Distant 

When you’re feeling distant from your partner, it can be a really difficult experience – especially when you see no way to resolve things. There are lots of reasons why you might be feeling distant from one another, from chaotic kids to overwhelming work schedules, but the best solution that you can make the most of to get back on track is to spend some real quality time together.

This doesn’t mean sitting on the sofa next to each other, yet staring at your phones – you’ll be worlds apart mentally despite being close physically. Instead, you need to take the opportunity to give each other your full attention for the afternoon! Perhaps you can cook (and eat) together after a long day at work, or maybe you can simply take a slow walk in the park (leaving your phone at home). This will give you the chance to catch up, connect and get closer together. 

Petty Arguments 

Do you find that you and your partner keep snapping at each other and having petty arguments? Then you need to sit down and talk things out, so that you can get to the bottom of the real source of your upset! You may be inadvertently holding a grudge about something you aren’t recognising, and this could be causing unnecessary friction. Petty arguments often occur as a direct result of disputes kept to yourself, as failing to voice your anger will only ensure it bubbles up and boils over.

So, when you find you and your partner are clashing more than usual, have a good chat about any recent issues that might need your attention so that peace and calm can once again become the norm. 


Many people will agree that cheating is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, as it can trigger trust issues and self confidence problems that last for years after the incident takes place. If you’d like to save your relationship after infidelity, then attending couples counselling sessions can help you both to understand why the infidelity took place, and how to overcome it. However, quite rightly, most people can’t get past this. You might find yourself needing a good divorce lawyer instead – there are millions of people out there that will treat you with the love and respect that you deserve, so don’t let infidelity ruin your love life. 

These solutions as examples might help you to move forward in your relationship, even if the next step is to put an end to things. Good luck with keeping your love life afloat!

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