The toy time machine: toys across the years

I don’t know about you, but I find the evolution of and trends in toys quite fascinating. I’ve seen with my own children all sorts of toys come back into fashion and it’s lovely when you see children playing with or interested in the sorts of things we once were.

This fun infographic below shows toys across the ages – how many of these do you remember? Do you spot any of your childhood favourites here?

I was a mad crazy fan of My Little Pony, as a child in the early 80s, they were my weakness and I remember with fondness My Little Pony days.

I never had Barbies but I did have a Sindy, although these had been around a while by the looks of this graphic.

toys across the ages

Are there any major toy trends missing here do you think? What were you favourites as a child and what do your children play with now?

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  1. It’s AMAZING when you look at this how much has changed
    I loved board GAMES
    Don’t think there’s anything missing!

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