Things to do and places to visit in Barcelona with children

So, you’re looking to book an exciting getaway to the beautiful city of Barcelona with your children, and you’re wondering what you can do and where you can go that your kids will enjoy? Luckily for you, you’re in the right place.

This guide explores some of the best attractions to visit and activities to do with children in Barcelona. The stunning capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is known for its spectacular architecture, sandy beaches and cultural heritage. You can get the best cunard cruises to visit Barcelona.

Camp Nou stadium tour – FC Barcelona

While Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and impressive cities to visit in Europe, your littles ones most likely associate the city with it’s incredible football team, FC Barcelona.

Barcelona are one of the most successful teams in world football, and we’re sure your kids would love to see the club’s stadium at first-hand, following in the footsteps of stars like Lionel Messi who once played for the club.

Not only is Camp Nou the largest stadium in Europe, it’s also the third largest football stadium in the world. Your kids can walk through the player’s tunnel, discover the history of the club and its trophy room, and create lasting memories by the pitch.

Explore Park Güell

Park Güell is an enormous park composed of majestic gardens and elegant architectural elements. It was designed by an architect called Antoni Gaudí who clearly let his imagination run free.

It’s here where you’ll discover just how beautiful and artistic Barcelona is, and we’re sure your children will appreciate it to. Your little ones can run free and explore wonderful culture with plenty of space to have fun.

With gingerbread-like houses, colourful mosaics and unique architecture, Park Güell is packed with fun and colour, and there’s lots to see and do.

Take a beach trip

The beach in Barcelona is a major draw for tourists since it exudes excitement when you can leave the city and walk directly onto the shore. Where else can you enjoy a cultural city break and a relaxing beach holiday in one place?

The beaches are magnificent in Barcelona, and it’s very hot in summer, so you shoulder hit the beach. Let your kids scream for ice cream, build sandcastles and take in breath-taking views under the sun.

CosmoCaixa – Science museum

CosmoCaixa is one of the largest museums in all of Spain. A statue of Albert Einstein welcomes you before you descend five levels to the bottom and wind your way around an Amazonian tree.

With dozens of experiments and activities covering everything from geometry and geology and beyond, kids are inspired to get creative in the interactive museum complex.

You’ll travel through the history of life on Earth as you explore the Flooded Forest, an outstanding replica of a 1,000 square metre Amazonian rainforest environment that is home to various animal and plant species.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is a masterpiece of architecture that both children and adults will love. Recently, two immersive spaces, were created inside for more excitement. You go into a room filled with high-tech screens and gadgets, and enter  a completely new dimension.

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  1. Great post! Spain might seem a bit hectic for travelling with kids but it is actually a very family-friendly holiday destination. Thank you for sharing!

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