Tips on stress-free family days out

Nothing beats a good day out with the whole family. I think we have so much choice in the UK as well when it comes to fantastic days out.We have an array of both wet weather and dry weather options to choose from, which means that even when the weather is shocking we can still have a wonderful day out.My favourite places for fun family days out are those where there is something for everyone. We have two ‘big kids’ as we call them (8 and 6) and two ‘babies’ (18 months and 4 months) so for me the places that can offer something for all of the children and us parents too get the top marks.So what is the key to a stress-free day out with the family? Here are my top tips:

  • Plan and prepare – make sure you know opening times and have checked the website beforehand to ensure there are no last moment disappointments
  • ‘The Snack Bag’ – I don’t go anywhere without this, it contains multiple things to keep every tummy happy…because a happy tummy is a happy child…and a happy Daddy too!
  • Find out about parking beforehand – this can save time and disagreements between adults
  • If you can purchase tickets in advance do it! it is a time saver and often money saver too.
  • Spare clothes – however old they are, take spare ‘stuff’, drinks can get knocked over or the weather may turn bad and no one wants to ride home in their underwear…frankly be prepared for anything because the day you relax about this is the day you need ‘stuff’
  • Charge your phone in the car on the way – even if you charged it overnight, top it up, you know the battery will die when you need it most
  • If your children are old enough make sure you agree with them what they should do if they get lost – I’ve not lost a child yet but the thought fills me with dread so I always do this.
  • Make a list of must see and do things and do those first so you aren’t disappointed – get every family member to pick one
  • If you think you are going to be late home, pack PJ’s and get the children changed before you leave, it means if they dose off on the way home it is easier to just transfer them into bed

For more hints and tips for stress-free days out with the children why not download this guide. This is created by GAMAR and includes:

    • 6 Simple Steps to Avoiding Stress on Family Days Out,
    • 5 Common Misconceptions about Taking Children to Attractions,
    • 8 Embarrassing Mistakes Other Parents Make That Are Easy to AvoidI would love to hear your top tips….


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