Top 20 most stressful things about parenting

There is no question that parenting is stressful. Some parents seem to deal with this better than others and the same situations don’t cause the same amount of stress response with parents – but, let’s tell it how it is, freaking stressful.


Stressful times

Some weeks will feel like you move from one stressful situation to the next, without time to catch a breath in between, other weeks, if you are lucky you might coast through a couple of days without too much stress. Don’t get too complacent – something will no doubt be around the corner!

The most stressful situations with babies

Whilst parenting stresses change over time, the stress many people speak about is often related to the stress felt in the first year of a baby’s life. These are some of the most sighted stressful situations – how many can you relate to?

1. Lack of sleep
2. Making time for yourself
3. Trying to have a shower
4. Settling a crying baby
5. Getting the baby to go to sleep
6. Night feeds
7. Knowing what’s wrong with the baby such as unexplained rashes or ailments
8. Simply trying to cope with the change
9. Leaving the baby alone at any time
10. Leaving the house without forgetting something
11. Cooking while keeping an eye on the baby
12. Keeping the house clean
13. Keeping clothes clean/keeping on top of the washing
14. Constantly checking the baby is OK when they are sleeping
15. Trying to go to the toilet
16. Eating a healthy meal
17. Spending enough quality time with your partner
18. People judging you over your parenting techniques
19. Not leaving things lying around that the baby might pick up/grab
20. Keeping on top of finances

As they get older

As children get older the stress doesn’t disappear, it simply alters. There are some of the original stress points that remain as well – for example, rashes always worry me and the washing remains a challenge.

As our children grow we probably become better at managing lots of stressful situations, but, at the same time we also have lots of new areas to tackle. Homework for example – this can be a huge stress for some parents if their child is particularly resistant. Even just getting through a reading book can cause a meltdown in some homes.

There’s no handbook

There is no correct way to deal with stressful parenting situations, most parents tend to just find their own way. Every parent is different and so is every child – what works in one situation won’t necessarily work in another.

What aspects of parenting do you find the most stressful?

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