Tracking summer activity levels in children

We are just starting the summer holidays here in Wales and I’m busy mapping out what our summer will look like. I try to include lots of walks and time outside, as I find everyone is better behaved outdoors and when they keep moving.

Whilst I don’t object to relaxation time and I think everyone should have down time, my children know that there is nothing I hate more than to see restless bodies lounging around moaning they have nothing to do. My brain just can’t cope with the concept of being bored…there is always something you can do as far as I am concerned.

My children tend to operate at extremes. Either incredibly active and always on the go, much more so than would be considered ‘average’ for their age, or the opposite of that. One of the children seems much more reluctant to move than the other three, and I struggle with how to encourage this as I am often met with quite a bit of resistance.

I thought that an activity tracker might be worth trying, to prompt a discussion about steps, sleep and general movement. Perhaps even some healthy competition with me – who can get the most steps each day?

There are so many activity trackers out there, it can be really tricky trying to work out which is the best one for what you need.

XMOVE, a new activity tracker from Xplora has just been launched, following the success of its kid’s smart watch range. It can measure a user’s heart rate, the duration and quality of sleep as well as featuring a Multi Sports Mode to monitor activity whilst exercising. All for an incredibly affordable £49.99!

This sleek and elegantly designed watch comes packed with great features to help a family remain active and connected. The Xplora XMOVE is now available in black, petrol, grey and pink from Curries and the Xplora website.

Using the XMOVE tracker, families can track the number of steps each person is taking and even get competitive amongst family members to encourage all to be as active as possible! It also has a built-in sensor to monitor inactivity and reminds a user to get moving to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Its Multi-Sports Mode function monitors an individual’s activity when running, walking or cycling whilst the Heart Rate Monitoring helps a user to exercise at the right intensity. No need to worry about getting caught in the rain on a walk or run or children jumping in puddles either as the XMOVE is certified as IP68 and can be immersed in water up to 1.5m deep. 

The XMOVE monitors activity even when sleeping by measuring the duration and quality of sleep which can then be assessed on the app. Sleep disorders are increasingly common with about a quarter of the UK population shown to suffer from some form of sleep issues in 2021 so, allowing users to assess sleep patterns, can help in identifying triggers and change habits accordingly.

The XMOVE has an ultra slim body and is just 10mm thick so ideal and comfortable for all sizes of wrists and has an easy to read 1.3-inch TFT 240 x 240-pixel clear display. Its 160mAh battery will last up to 10 days on standby or 5 days of normal use so wearers can carry on enjoying it day after day before charging.

Never before have people been so inactive as they are today. Xplora wanted to help change that by launching the world’s first Goplay Activity Platform combining physical activity with rewards and entertainment provided by some of the world’s leading entertainment companies including Sony PlayStation, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and Fox to name but a few.

The Goplay Platform helps keep a user engaged with the Xplora device by rewarding activity with Xplora Coins that can be used exclusively in the Goplay Platform. It helps children and families learn that everyday activities have value and that their actions have an impact, giving kids a positive and safe start to the digital world.

Main functions

  • IP68 Waterproof – Waterproof up to 1.5m deep
  • 160mAh Battery – With up to 10 days standby or 5 days of normal use
  • Multi Sports Modes – Various modes monitor Running, Walking, Cycling and more
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – Helps you exercise at the right intensity
  • Ultra Slim Body – Just 10mm thick
  • 1.3 inch TFT Display – Clear 240 x 240 pixel display

Best bits

As a parent I love the charging station for this watch. It is super easy for kids to damage chargers but this one is really easy to use, with the watch sitting in it’s own little docking station.

I love that it monitors sleep as well as movement. It is very easy to use, which is a good job as there were no instructions in the box! My son thinks it is comfortable to wear and likes the heart rate monitor, watching it move up during exercise and then return to normal.

So far, so good – let’s just hope the novelty doesn’t wear off too soon!

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