10 gifts to keep kids moving

To inspire your children to move a bit more this winter, why not get them a gift to help with this. If you are stuck for ideas, here are a few to help you out. I’ve tried to include ideas from a range of price brackets. Things don’t always have to cost a fortune to be great gifts.

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5 Important Life Lessons Your Child Learns from Team Sports

team sports

With an abundance of parenting websites and motivational sources nowadays, parenting in the modern age can feel like a race to perfection. Things like how much screen time you allow, which brand of toys are safe, and which schools are reputably effective can sometimes demand a humongous amount of research. After all, who does not want the best for their kids?

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How to help sport-averse kids become more active

Generally, young children are naturally physically active and are constantly moving around, whether that be on the playground at school or in the house – typically – right before bedtime. Most little children have a type of energy that’s enviable to parents and adults but this can’t be applied to every child, especially as they get older.

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Garden Games For The Warmer Weather

We had some lovely weather at the weekend, so nice, that we were able to have a picnic in the garden with friends for the first time since the first COVID lockdown in march 2020. It was a glorious day and everyone enjoyed themselves eating and drinking and playing games in the garden. Days like this all together are so lovely.

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