Visiting Pistyll Rhaeadr: what you need to know

Pistyll Rhaeadr is a waterfall in the Berwyn Mountains, just inside Wales, west of Oswestry and Shrewsbury.

It stands at 240ft (80m) high, which makes it Britain’s tallest single-drop waterfall.

Travelling there

Whatever direction you approach from, there is only one way in and out. The road is narrow for the last few miles approaching the waterfall. Single track but with plenty of passing places.

The problems come when there is a stream of traffic in both directions and no where to move, but most courteous drivers can figure it out.

Car parking

There is a car park and then an over spill car park as well. Parking is £5 for the day. Lots of people park on the side of the road to avoid paying which then makes passing a little harder. The car parks are tight but better than being on the side of the road.

The terrain

The route is not pushchair friendly. If you have a little one, take a baby carrier instead. I saw one family trying to get up with a pushchair and just thought…what a nightmare to be honest. Don’t bother!

If you have someone with you who is not very steady on their feet they may struggle. The route is steep in parts and tricky for anyone with mobility issues.

If you have children, it will depend how good they are at walking. My four managed easily but they are used to walking in the mountains. You may need to offer a piggy back or shoulder ride at some point.

The route isn’t that clear. We didn’t think it was that well signposted, but it made it more of an adventure. There are a few different ways up to the top of the waterfall that vary in difficulty.


Take a small towel in a back pack if you are there in Spring or Summer as there are plenty of paddling spots to choose from.

Food, drinks and toilets

Tan-y-Pistyll, little house under the waterfall, is where the tea room and accommodation are located. This is just beside the car park. Here you’ll find a welcome cup of tea, a snack or meal with a lovely view of the waterfall from the garden or, when it’s colder, a warm logfire to sit by.

We didn’t go inside due the the COVID-19 restrictions but we did buy some ice creams from the little ice cream stall window. Please note, this is cash only!


  1. If thats you in the photo, I have to ask, Why on earth are you wearing a mask? Its outside, in the middle of nowhere with no chance of ever being infected.

    Seems a tad silly? No?

    1. That particular area was very busy when we were there, so no, I don’t think it was silly at all. Sensible and cautious. As a family we choose to wear masks in crowded places. It might not look crowded, but I’m not in the habit of taking photos of other people to use on my site.

      You do you. I will do me.

    2. Maybe she didn’t like to get bugs in her mouth.. that’s the only purpose a mask will serve ?

  2. It looks like a nice place to visit, we love going on adventures and visiting new places so I will have to plan a trip x

  3. Sorry people waste their breath voicing really un-needed opinions above…how unnecessary.
    Wanted to say thanks, this is just the info I needed 🙂

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