Which flooring is best for your children’s playroom?

Having a place for all the children’s toys and a designated play space has been a lifesaver over the years. With four children you can accumulate a lot of stuff and having a room you can close the door on at night feels great – if it doesn’t get tidied it’s no big deal as it doesn’t affect the whole house.

Although the children play all over the downstairs, often ending up in the kitchen, they love the playroom. We turned it into a jungle-themed room a while back and we were all really pleased with the way it turned out. Kids often have their favourite characters. So if your kids love the black panther, for example, then if you decorate the room with black panther party accessories then they will love it for sure. Same goes for Super Mario or Harry Potter!

playroom floor options

When you are creating a playroom for the children, thinking about the flooring of your playroom is an important consideration. There are so many pros and cons of the various options, you really need to consider what it is that is important to you and your family and what would be the best option long-term.


Of course carpet is an option when looking for flooring for a playroom. It feels warm and cosy in the colder months and it’s comfy to sit and play on for the children and the grown ups.

If you have a television in your playroom it can also be a nicer room to relax in with a carpet, and if you have things like bean bags in your playroom, you tend to find they stay put a bit better in a carpeted room. On a laminate floor or vinyl floor, bean bags tend to slip around the room a bit too much.

One of the downsides of having a carpeted playroom is that things like cars and trains don’t tend to run across them very well, so it can mean play gets taken elsewhere. One way around this is to use a play mat or play table.

It’s also not as easy to keep clean and any spillages can be harder to clear up, but you can obviously get around this by banning drinks in the playroom or drinks without lids.

Vinyl Flooring

playroom floor

If the wipe clean option is important to you in your playroom, you might want to opt for vinyl floor tiles. Vinyl flooring in general is long-lasting and performs well when used heavily, that’s one of the reasons you often see it in offices. In a playroom that gets lots of use, this could be really valuable.

Although not fluffy like a carpet, these types of floor tiles are still comfy and homely. They are also known for acting as a noise reduction flooring, which you might be grateful for in a child’s playroom. Another benefit of vinyl floor tiles is that they tend to be less expensive than other types of flooring, as well as being quick to install and easy to maintain.

An advantage of using vinyl tiles in particular, is that individual pieces can be easily replaced if they become damaged, although they are scratch resistant anyway. This type of flooring is also stain resistant, making it a superb option for a playroom.

Any spillages or marks can be easily wiped off, meaning the children could even paint or draw in a playroom with this type of flooring.

This type of flooring provides reasonable insulation, so is likely to be a better option than something like laminate or wood for a playroom – it’s also a bit more forgiving if a child falls over and better for playing with any wheeled toys.

There are tons of different shades and colours of floor tiles available, so you’d be sure to find something to match your playroom vibe.

Artificial grass

play space flooring

Now, this is a bit different I admit, but it’s worth considering. We’ve seen this is a soft play recently and I have to say it works really well. The artificial grass is really easy to keep clean, even if the worse happens and someone is sick.

It is comfy underfoot and comfy to sit on and play. Of course, it doesn’t have that luxurious soft feel of a plush carpet, but playrooms needs to be practical don’t they!

It tends to be a reasonable price and quite quick and easy to install and it’s a bit alternative, so if you are going for a different sort of vibe you could give it some thought.

Have you already got a playroom? What flooring option did you go for and why? We’d love to know what has worked well for your family.

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