*WIN* A Copy of Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts

Do you and your children love discovering new and fascinating facts about things? What about a series of facts that are all linked together? Choose your own path through this dazzling book packed with fun facts that are all linked.

This fascinating hardback book is filled with incredible and hilarious facts, all of which are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Did you know that a squid has a doughnut-shaped brain? That goats have rectangular pupils…Mars has blue sunsets…or that the average dog can understand 165 words? Hop from topic to topic in delightfully unexpected ways to discover what connects dinosaurs with chickens or breakfast with black holes! Follow the fact path as it twists and turns – who knows where your curiosity will take you!


Factopia is priced £10.99 and is available from Wicked Uncle.

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*WIN* A Copy of Factopia – 400 Crazily Connected Facts


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  1. The entire population of Central Europe during the Stone Age could have fit on a cruise ship

  2. The giant weta, found only in New Zealand, is the world’s heaviest insect and can jump up to 2 meters.

  3. A pineapple is actually a type of berry! Well, it’s a fruit where lots of berries have combined together to make a pineapple!
    My 6 year old told me this!

  4. I picked this up from one of the random YouTube videos my kids like…
    If you are allergic to latex you are more likely to be allergic to kiwis & mangos due to the protein similarity… Which is crazy lol

    I’m allergic to latex and when I eat kiwi my mouth feels funny. Never even put the two together

  5. It only takes two days to reach the Moon from Earth which happened on the Apollo missions.

  6. Nothing rhymes with orange and on reading this fact you will try and find a word that does

  7. A weird fact about me. From the age of 5 I’ve chosen two words every New Year’s Eve to not say for a whole year. No idea why but I’m still doing it 30 years on!

  8. The Snickers chocolate bar was named after a racehorse 🙂 Thanks for running the giveaway

  9. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. At the peak of the honey-gathering season, a strong, healthy hive will have a population of approximately 50,000 bees.

  10. Wearing headphones for a long period of time increases bacteria in your ears due to the increased temperature and humidity in the ear canal

  11. in 1896, Walter Arnold of Kent became the first person to be convicted of speeding. He was fined one shilling, plus costs, for speeding at 8 mph, which exceeded the speed limit of 2 mph.

  12. Pilots and their co-pilots are required to eat different meals before flights so that they don’t both end up with food poisoning.

  13. An octopus has three hearts & nine brains!

    As a sidenote, My Octopus Teacher is a fascinating documentary too.

  14. What a great book! My 10 year old is constantly come through to tell me random facts he’s heard about. But now you’ve asked me for one my mind had gone blank haha. One I do know, because we have a budgie, is that birds enjoy eating hot peppers, because they don’t have the same receptors as we do that make them burn our mouths. So to them they’re just tasty treats. How wild is that? When we first made the daily chop up for our budgie and it said to add chilli peppers I was so worried for her… until I learned this!

  15. The “weapons-grade” Dragon’s Breath chili pepper is so hot it’s downright deadly. If you ate one, it could potentially cause a type of anaphylactic shock, burning your airways and closing them up.

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