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Win one of ten sets of the AQUA Carpatica water range

Did you read our recent article looking at the Nitrates in bottled water?

Nitrates are fertilisers and can be traced in almost every bottled water on the market.  Found in nature and used in agriculture, they are colourless, odourless and tasteless but are pollutants, and in large quantities can be damaging.

Naturally Nitrate-free water is particularly important for pregnant women and new born babies as infants can become seriously ill if exposed to Nitrates. It has also been proven that birth defects are more likely to occur if expectant mothers are exposed to high levels of Nitrates.

In many European countries, legislation ensures that Nitrate (NO3) content in bottled water does not exceed 50mg per litre for adults, while for new born babies and pregnant women any more than 10mg per litre can be dangerous.

worried about nitrates in bottled water?

The AQUA Carpatica water range is totally Nitrate-free and we have ten sets to give away to readers who enter the competition below.

The ten full sets will comprise of the Still Mineral Water, Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water and Forte Naturally Sparkling Water.

Just complete the widget below.

UK entrants only please – Good Luck!

Win one of ten sets of the AQUA Carpatica water range

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