Working abroad: Things to consider when relocating a family

So you’ve just been offered an amazing promotion at work. There is just one problem – the new job promotion will require you to work abroad. Is it really a problem? Moving abroad could be amazing for your family. You could end up moving to a country with fabulous weather and a fascinating culture. Curious about moving abroad for work? Here is how you can make sure your family’s relocation goes smoothly.

Figure Out If You Need Visas

You will need to get each member of your family a visa to move to certain countries. As you are moving for work, your company should help you with your application. This will speed up the process and can, more often than not, guarantee your application will be successful. If you are moving with your family, you should see if they can also support your family’s applications. Many companies will be happy to, you can explore the situation in Saudi Arabia for example by looking into a Saudi Visa. Moving within the EU is a lot easier as Brits do not require a visa to move. However, no one is sure how long that will last now that we are in the middle of Brexit.


Moving Your Belongings

Once you have sold your house, you will need to decide what you are doing with all your belongings and furniture. It could be easier to just sell your large furniture or see if any friends or relatives want anything. You will obviously want to keep most of your smaller personal belongings and sentimental possessions. If you are planning on returning home after a year or two, you could keep these things in storage. Alternatively, see about shipping your things by using a courier who specialises in bulky items such as

Health Insurance

Not every country has a free public health service like the NHS. Most other countries require their citizens to have expensive medical insurance or pay for their treatment. So even if the warmer climate may be better for your health, you might end up paying a lot to use health services on the rare times you are ill. You should check if your company will cover health costs for you. In some countries, it is a legal obligation for employers to contribute to their employee’s health bills. One thing is for sure, though, it will be much cheaper to fall ill while you are on holiday.

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Cost Of Living

It is important that you look into the cost of living in a country before you decide whether to settle there. Generally speaking, it is much cheaper to buy property in countries outside the UK. However, even though you are saving money on property, everyday living is usually a lot more expensive. Don’t forget that it will be dear to live in tourist areas. Even though these areas are where many expats usually settle, it could be cheaper moving into areas that are only populated by locals.

Moving your family to another country can be an extremely exciting adventure. Just be sure you check the facts before you take the plunge!


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