Your child’s first sleepover and how to prepare for it

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to your child wanting to have a sleepover. The desire to have a sleepover should come from your child, if they are not ready then there is no need to push the issue. 

The first sleepover is not a particularly important milestone, but it can teach some very valuable lessons about being a good guest and how to survive a night somewhere different by themselves. With that out of the way, there are some steps you can take you to make the first sleepover as worry-free and enjoyable as possible.

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Playing host

Perhaps you will be playing host to a first sleepover. A child’s bedroom can be a haphazard mess at the best of times, so make sure the areas are clean and free of clutter before your guest arrives. When preparing to host a sleepover, it can be beneficial to speak with the guest’s parents and determine any worries or special needs.

The right kids furniture can play a huge role in making your child’s room functional and enjoyable to spend time in. When designing a child’s bedroom, it can pay to choose a bed with sleepover capabilities like a trundle bed, or even bunk beds. A kids bedside table is the perfect piece of furniture to place a night light or torch in case your guests have problems in the dark.

Good night

A sleepover can be exciting, and some kids will beg for permission to have a sleepover. If your child is begging for permission, he or she is more interested than a kid who seems intimidated by the idea. If your child has been separated before and handled it well, they could have all the tools necessary to survive and enjoy their first sleepover.

It is important to determine your child’s interest level, and its never a good idea to force a sleepover for the sake of experience. Even the boldest child will crave familiarity and family, especially when the lights go off and they are in an unfamiliar environment. If your child seems legitimately interested in the idea, then a trial run could be a good bet.

Testing, testing

Having a “practice” sleepover is a good way of familiarising your child with being somewhere different without you for the night, without introducing to much change in one go. Suggest a sleepover at grandmas or an aunty or uncles house, not only will your child feel more comfortable with family, but you can feel safer knowing they are in a family environment.

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If your child has taken to sleepovers at grandma’s house, they could be ready to spend the night at a friend’s. Arranging a chat with the friend’s parents is a good idea, as you can familiarise them with your child, as well as give yourself peace of mind knowing the adults entrusted with looking after your child for the night.

When the time comes to let your child have their first sleepover, the most important thing is to be happy! It might seem like a big first step, having your child entrusted with other parents for the night, but if you have an open conversation with the parents and an honest conversation with your child, the whole process can be educational and fun. A kids bedroom can be a place for kids to form life long friends ships and skills that will serve them well into their adulthood.

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