25 screen-free things to do with the children

Whether you are looking for things to do over the summer holidays, a half term, or just looking to fill time with pre-schoolers, there are plenty of alternatives to screen time. Here are just a few ideas.

moving out of the city
  • Skim stones – in the sea, a lake, a stream etc
  • Ride a bike or scooter
  • Visit a local park – or even choose a different park each day
  • Climb a tree – it’s the closest thing to flying!

tree climbing

  • Jump in muddy puddles – don’t forget your boots!
  • Bake a cake – or cookies, or gingerbread…
  • Chalk on the patio – then watch the rain wash it away
  • Build a den – indoor or outdoor

nurturing adventurous children

  • Go swimming
  • Go on a bug hunt – you can do this in the back garden or any other outdoor space, lift rocks and see what’s underneath
  • Learn to tie shoelaces – it will be time well spent!
  • Camp out in the garden or living room overnight
  • Go on a picnic – it can be on the beach, in the forest, at the park or just in the back garden
  • Go on a bear hunt – don’t forget to carry some supplies with you in your rucksacks, the little boys love their Zip and Zoe bags for adventures

going on an adventure

  • Learn to tell the time
  • Dance around the kitchen/living room – take it in turns to choose a song
  • Cook a meal from scratch together – this is a great life lesson for the future
  • Have a puzzle day – see how many puzzles you can complete together
  • Plant things in the garden together

raspberries growing in the garden

  • Teach your children games you used to play as a child
  • Invite friends to play
  • Wash the car together – doubles as a water fight!
  • Play dressing up
  • Find and enter a competition – drawing/photography/writing
  • Make up a story together – write it down and illustrate it

What are your favourite screen-free activities?


  1. I’ll be doing most of THESE

    Can’t be doing with sitting all day in front of screens
    Thanks there’s one or two I wouldn’t of thought of

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