‘Baby food’ for bigger kids

Feeding children can either be utterly satisfying or completely soul destroying. There is nothing more lovely than preparing a meal from scratch and watching your family devour it before your eyes. It’s one of those moments that makes you feel as if you are winning at parenting.

You’ve cooked a nutritious meal with delicious, healthy ingredients and they’ve eaten every scrap. You’ve ticked that box for today – give yourself a pat on the back!

Now, if only EVERY single day was like this right? You’d be notching up those parenting ‘wins’ over and over again.

raspberries growing in the garden

Parenting isn’t like that though is it? This is real life, where we are constantly competing with different emotions, changing taste buds, fussy phases and just good old stubbornness.

Sometimes you will have days where you’ve spent ages preparing a meal and it ends up pushed away, thrown on the floor or even just accidentally knocked over. Whatever the reason, some days your lovely home cooked food will NOT be in your children’s tummies.

For days like these it pays to have a few back ups in the cupboard. It might be a tin of beans, a tin of tomato soup (always goes down well here when nothing else will) or perhaps something from the KiddyLicious Little Bistro range?

Kiddylicious Little Bistro is a new range of baby and toddler meals (up to the age of three) that are as good as home-made, with bigger chunks to enough speech, no spouts also to encourage speech and protect teeth, and nutritious with low acidity to prevent enamel erosion.

little bistro

Sadly, these don’t come with a guarantee that your children will eat them BUT they are great to have in to try and tempt little ones. These meals are slow cooked to maintain their home-made flavours but the thing I like about them the most as a parent is the number of boxes they tick.

There is no added salt or sugar, bigger chunks to help to develop speech muscles and each meal is enriched with iron, useful if you are concerned about your child’s iron levels. The meals are also a great source of protein and are kind on teeth.

Sometimes overcoming food issues with children can just be about enticing them with new things – anything is worth a try!

These meals will be stocked nationwide in supermarkets and available on Amazon. There are 10 products, with another 9 launching soon.

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