3 Carpet Vacuuming Tips You May Not Have Thought About Before

Living in or owning a house comes with several responsibilities that you must adhere to, for you to maintain your home. Some may require physical attention others require ‘machinery’ for perfection.

Most houses have a carpet either in the sitting room or in the bedroom. This way, you can maintain a good floor, warmth and comfort.

Keeping it clean can be a challenge – a decent vacuum is a must, we get through them pretty fast here! Any suggestions on long-lasting ones would be very much appreciated.

These machines are very convenient – modern life requires them! Here are three carpet-vacuuming tips you may not have thought about before:

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1) Move the Furniture

Cleaning a carpet properly is a process that requires time. Most of the time we whizz the vacuum around in a hurry to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Many people get distracted by the furniture in the house and forget/can’t face to move them when cleaning – and, in reality you don’t need to every time.

Once in a while we do need to shift everything and have a good clean though, to avoid any nasty build up or pests. Check this link to get more guidance on which vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning and the best ways you can clean your carpet, especially if you have pet hair in the house.

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2) Make a Schedule

In my head I have an organised plan of how I clean the house – the reality is much more haphazard. What’s that saying? I’m too busy to be organised!

Making a schedule of how you vacuum your home can help to get rid of dirt before it accumulates and becomes hard to clean. A home that has toddlers, or anyone suffering from breathing-related difficulties, requires a tight schedule so that dust particles cannot affect their health in any way.

Regular vacuuming helps you maintain your house in good shape and makes your home an ‘easier’ place to live if there is a family member who struggles with their health.

If you have a pet, you might want to vacuum more often. Whatever seems reasonable for your needs, without spending your whole life cleaning!

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3) Clean Other Areas

Before you start vacuuming a house, try to clean other places to get rid of dust prior. A vacuum cleaner may not access all the places since it is designed to clean the floors. For instance, in the wardrobes and window areas, it is impossible to clean with a vacuum, unless you have a small attachment.

If there is lots of dust around in general, it will settle on the carpet. Regular vacuuming helps to keep it under control – but don’t be a slave to the vacuum either.

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