4 Key Skills to Help You Flourish at Work

Having a job alongside being a mother can be hard work, even if it is one of your proudest achievements in life. Despite the pressures of home and your job, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed to be the best you can in your workplace. The juggle is real people!

It may take time, patience, and hard work, but many mums see a marked difference in their happiness when they start to flourish at their job. To help you along your way, there are some key skills that anybody can follow, which could result in higher praise and promotions from your boss if you stick with them, as well as job satisfaction of course.

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Traditional business skills are needed in the workplace to create a speedy, efficient environment where growth is at its heart. However, more and more are employers are beginning to see how creativity can positively change a business.

This is due to the new ideas and imaginative problem solving that comes with creative characteristics, as well as the increase in motivation many workers may feel when they have space to brainstorm. It is important to remember that with creativity comes conflict, and while some conflict is necessary to collaborate, conflict resolution skills are something you can use to facilitate healthy discussion.

Great communication

 communication in the workplace

Many jobs require you to work in a team to get tasks done and to reach goals; even if you work in a solo career, communication is key to ensuring you reach success.

In an office, the key to enabling communication is by making sure your colleagues are comfortable speaking together, and that there is an encouraging environment to speak in.

You can contribute to this by setting up social events outside of work, or by using instant messaging apps to break down communication barriers that traditional emailing presents. Here, ideas can be articulated more clearly, so objectives are clearer, especially when you need to communicate with remote workers.


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Confidence is something that many people struggle with in their daily lives, but there are ways you can work on it that will see your self-esteem grow at work. Having the confidence to show off your abilities and speak to new people will make your job more fun, and will open your employer’s eyes to recognising how much you have grown within your role.

If you are self-employed, you can use this skill to find new clients and customers at a higher success rate. As you grow in confidence, you can push yourself to achieve goals you would have previously never thought possible, opening the door to many opportunities.


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Work is as much about the practical elements as it is about goals and visions, no matter what job you are in. One of these elements is flexibility, which can be a difficult skill to master when you are a mother and have so many plates to spin at once.

However, it is not impossible, and you can take on a flexible work pattern if it means you get higher pay and more scope to progress in your job. There are also many positions such as freelance work and owning your own business which allow you to mould your job around your home life but still flourish.

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