Learning about the world through role play

role play

I’ve written many times on the blog about role play and how children learn through play. I love watching how they make sense of things during their play time and how they then translate that to the real world. Equally, they will mimic things they have seen when out and about during their play time, repeating […]

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Mini chefs: part four

Welcome to another article in our ‘mini chefs’ series. The mini chefs have been in the kitchen again cooking up a storm. After a short nap today I suggested to the minis we hit the kitchen for some baking. After a few squeals of excitement and a double fist pump I felt that had been […]

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Problem solving skills for children

Problem solving is a life skill we all need. We encounter problems every day, both big and small. Working to solve these problems is something that needs to be developed from childhood. Whether your children are school age or preschool, you can help them to develop important problem solving skills through everyday activities. The development […]

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