5 artificial Christmas trees to consider this year

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I’ll be honest, I much prefer a real Christmas tree, I always have. I love the smell, to me, they smell of Christmas and I just love it.

That being said, we’ve reached the stage now where we tend to have more than one Christmas tree. A couple of years ago I purchased an artificial Christmas tree so we could have one upstairs on the landing. We then have the real tree as the main one downstairs. Last year the children asked if they could have their own Christmas tree to decorate and put in their rooms, so this year they have a small artificial tree each to decorate. They can’t wait!

If you are looking for an artificial tree this year, I’ve popped some suggestions below to help you out. All images are clickable and will take you straight to the tree.

This first one is a nice, shape and comes with a stand. Also comes in pink if that’s your vibe.

If you are looking for something a bit more luxurious, what about this snow covered tree? It is more expensive, at £139.95 but remember you can pay £70-£80 for a real tree this size you can only use once, so this would be an investment. This comes in different size options, though as well, the smaller the cheaper obviously.

If you, like me are looking for smaller trees this year for children’s bedrooms perhaps, or to place on a desk even, you could try this cute little table-top tree for £18.99. Or it’s more brightly decorated friend for £19.99.

If you want undecorated ones to do yourself there is this absolute bargain for £13.99, or, my personal favourite, this table-top cutie in a hessian bag.

I hope these have given you a few ideas for this Christmas!

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