10 Advent Calendars to consider this Christmas

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When I was a child advent calendars were little cardboard doors that you opened up and there was a picture behind each door. So, for example, a picture of a stocking, or a picture of a present. Imagine if you transported those into present day – our children would wonder what on earth was going on.

A decade later when my younger brother started having an advent calendar the chocolate ones were all the rage. Clearly they still are today and many people still buy these.

The last few years has seen all sorts of advent calendars though. There is literally an advent calendar for everyone these days whatever you are into. To help you out, if you’ve not yet decided which calendars to go for this year, I have included a range of what’s available this year below. Happy shopping!

All images are clickable and will take you directly through to the page for that calendar.

For Herbal Tea Lovers

I bought one of these for my daughter last Christmas and she loved it so much, she wants the same one this year. If you love herbal tea, or want to try out different flavours to see which is your favourite, before you buy a box, these calendars are for you! Both Pukka and Clipper are really nice brands of herbal tea, so either of these options would kick off the festive season nicely.

For LEGO Lovers

If you live with a LEGO fan, these calendars are an absolute must at Christmas. I bought one of my children the Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar last year and he loved it. This year I’ve spotted they are doing a new Harry Potter one, plus a LEGO City and also a LEGO Friends Advent Calendar as well.

For Candle Lovers

I really fancy one of these myself this year, I do love the ‘smell of Christmas’, and I think it would be lovely to light a new festive candle each evening. The fabulosa advent calendar is an absolute bargain as well.

For Beauty Lovers

If you are crazy about beauty products these calendars are something else – packed full of gorgeous products. A couple of years ago my daughter had the Glossy Box Advent Calendar, which, although really expensive was packed full of amazing products, the value of which far exceeded the price I paid for the calendar.

For Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate lovers can indulge in a range of advent calendars this year. I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites and linked them below for you. Personally I love dark Toblerone, so if there was one that just had those in I’d go for that!

For Stationary Lovers

If you are trying to find an advent calendar for a stationary lover, there are quite a few out there. Smiggle have a really nice one, which I’ve bought two of this year. There is also this Minecraft one and also a really nice Harry Potter stationary advent calendar too.

For Dinosaur Lovers

For young dinosaur lovers, what about one of these? As each day passes they can create their own dinosaur kingdom with each dinosaur they collect.

For Gin Lovers

Gin lovers are a bit spoilt for choice when it comes to advent calendars. There are loads of gin-based calendars out there at the moment to choose from, so do read what specifically is in them before you make your purchase.

For Sweet Lovers

If you are looking for sweets over chocolate then look no further than Haribo and Swizzels. If you have a fan of Millions, they also do an advent calendar.

For Cheese Lovers

Finally, if cheese is your thing, what about a tasty cheese advent calendar? How amazing do these look?

Which advent calendar would you choose? Do let me know in a comment below.

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