5 Creative Indoor Activities for Cold Winter Days

With access to any kind of gadget imaginable, it is hard for parents to find fun indoor activities that don’t involve screen time for their kids. We all know that keeping your highly energetic kids inside will result in an inevitable chaos. Which is why, we put together a list of boredom-fighting, creative indoor activities that will keep the kids occupied, without using tons of supplies.

Make Jewellery

Jewellery making is an amazing creativity-booster that your kids will definitely enjoy. Besides being a fun activity, crafting their own jewellery pieces will help improve your little ones’ motor skills and logical thinking. Plus, it is a productive hobby, that doesn’t involve any screen time. Your kids can make jewellery for themselves, or they can craft gifts for friends and family. We’re sure that grandma would love a beautiful bracelet, a colourful pair of earrings or a handcrafted single pearl necklace for her birthday. Give your little ones a hand and create your own unique pieces that you can wear with your upcoming Valentine’s Day outfits. So, stock up on different beads, pearls, chains and accessories at the craft store and get creative.

Craft Toys

Crafting toys is a super-fun activity that you can do together with your kids even on the chilliest winter days. Making their own toys will allow your little ones to get creative and design their toys exactly how they imagine them. Use foam clay to create little animals, add pearls or colourful beads for the eyes, and paint on the mouth. You can also upcycle things from around your house, and transform them into toys, to teach kids the importance of recycling. Besides being a great way for you to help your little ones boost their creativity, crafting toys encourages kids to appreciate handmade things.

Become an Actor for One Day

What can be more fun for kids than becoming an actor for one day? Put on your kids’ favourite family-friendly movie and memorise a scene from it. Act out that scene as if you were the characters in the movie. Besides being a fun, mess-free idea, this activity will give you a chance to spend some quality family time together. Plus, acting can help your children learn to adapt to changing situations and can also improve communication and language skills.

Write Stories

Children have an amazing capacity of using their imagination to create things and most of them enjoy reading stories. Combine those elements and write your own story together. You could write a reinterpretation of a famous fairy tale or allow your kids to get as creative as they want and imagine their own story. Besides being a fun hobby, storytelling is ideal for promoting creativity and brain development, improving language skills and developing emotions.

Make No-Sew Sock Puppets and Put on a Show

creativity-boosting activity, making no-sew sock puppets can also help improve fine motor skills in kids. Plus, putting on puppet shows can give children the confidence to speak in public.


  1. These are all such great ideas. I need to start looking for jewellery making kits. We do a lot of arts and crafts usually. This year we made a lot of Christmas decoration

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