5 Ways to Maintain Beautiful Healthy Skin

Practising a good skincare routine can make a huge difference, helping to keep it beautiful, healthy, and glowing. If you don’t have time in the day for intensive skin care, there are still basic things that you can do to help delay natural ageing and reduce the risk of developing skin problems such as acne. Here are five ways to keep your skin looking fabulous.

Sun Protection

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Protecting your skin from the sun is essential. Over time, sun exposure can cause age spots and wrinkles, as well as increasing your risk of getting skin cancer. To stay protected, make sure to use sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or more. Make sure to apply sunscreen every two hours or more frequently if you are swimming. If you want to avoid the sun, it’s best to seek shade and refrain from going outdoors between 10 am and 4 pm. If you are prone to getting sunburnt, it’s advisable to wear protective clothing, which can block out ultraviolet rays.

Avoid Smoking

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If you smoke, your skin will look older and the signs of wrinkles will be more prominent. Smoking causes the tiny blood vessels in your skin to narrow. This decreases blood flow, which results in your skin becoming paler. What’s more, smoking deprives the skin of nutrients and oxygen, which are essential for maintaining your skin health. It’s advisable to seek medical advice from your doctor who can help you give up smoking for good, whether this is by using nicotine patches or medication to help you stop.

Be Gentle

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Cleansing your skin daily can take its toll, so it’s best to be gentle when doing your skincare routine. Try and refrain from having long showers and baths each day. This is because they remove essential oils from your skin. Also, avoid using strong detergents and soaps, as they too can strip oils from your skin. When shaving, you should always make sure your skin is lubricated first, whether it be in the form of lotion, gel or shaving cream. Once you have finished bathing or washing, make sure to pat your skin gently with a towel so you can retain some moisture. If you suffer from dry skin, use a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type. Consider using a replenishing facial oil to hydrate your face, especially if you have dry skin. Oil serums are great for keeping your skin moisturised and supporting its natural barrier.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

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Following a healthy and well-balanced diet can help you feel and look your best. Ensure you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins and whole grains. To promote youthful and glowing skin, there has been some research which suggests diets rich in fish oil may be able to help. Also, ensure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin looking hydrated and refreshed. Avoid foods high in fat and sugar, as they may have a negative effect on your skin.


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There are various supplements available that can help you maintain youthful and healthy skin. Make sure to check out blogs like https://www.vitamonk.com/blogs/health/what-is-nad-and-how-it-works where you can find out more information on Niacin, which is said to help your body produce more NAD+. Those with a lack of niacin in their body have long been linked with DNA damage in the skin, which can lead to freckles, blemishes, moles, and even skin cancer.

Taking care of your skin is essential, especially if you want to delay the signs of aging. Make sure to apply sunscreen when outdoors, avoid smoking, be gentle when doing your skincare routine as well as following a healthy diet to see the best results. Also, drinking plenty of water can not only leave you feeling hydrated but also prevent wrinkles. You should never neglect your skin, so make sure to give it the care and support it needs to stay healthy.


  1. We all aware that Smoking is injurious, and causes many dangerous diseases like cancer, heart disease, lung disease etc. Therefore if you are addicted to smoking, you are not only spoiling your own health and life, but also you are ruining the happiness of your family too. Therefore it is better to quit smoking and take a positive move toward your health and the happiness of your loved one.

  2. I always try to wear sunscreen to protect my skin. I have quite fair skin so protecting it from the weather is important. I also make sure I Wash my face properly in the evening and when I wake up

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