6 Ways to De-stress After A Long, Productive Week

Being a parent means having busy weekdays jam-packed with stressful and exhausting tasks. Whether you’re working in the office or a stay-at-home parent dealing with the constant barrage of laundry, meal prep, or dishes, or someone trying to juggle a combination of both as lots of us do, the daily grind will tire you.

While these activities are essential for you and the family, taking care of yourself is also important. Burnout is real – and it’s something that can hinder your productivity big time.

Taking time off the daily grind during the weekend or your time off will help keep you productive for the following week. Here are seven things you can do to reduce stress and be reinvigorated, without playing games at GamblingAuthority.

Watch a Movie

movie night

With the advent of streaming services, having access to movies of any genre is just a click away. Enjoy a family film with the kids or a heart-warming rom-com if you prefer – with a bowl of popcorn by your side and some tissues on hand, late-night movie time is the way to go for a relaxing weekend.

Fancy a night out with the fam, the besties, or your significant other? Book some tickets online and catch a movie while you’re at it! It will undoubtedly add a nostalgic feel to your exciting night and have some laughs (or screams) from your chosen flick.

Play Some Video Games

Video games are accessible, and the wide selection of games available will ensure that there’s something for your taste. They offer a quick escape from reality without leaving the couch. Plus, it’s a great way to live out your dreams as an athletic prodigy or a battle-hardened adventurer on their next quest.

You can also enjoy video games with your kids as a family activity. Load up some racing games and do some laps while showing them who’s boss. There are also some party games where you and the fam can compete to get the most points.

Get a Massage


A long workweek typically leads to tensed muscles and aching joints, causing more stress to the body. Prolonged body pains can hinder your productivity at work or home, and frustration with the constant aches.

Time to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage from your favourite masseuse and eliminate those unwanted pains. Combined with a lovely ambiance and some soothing oils, this will be something you should look forward to every few weeks.

Not enough time for a massage? Go with the classic dip in the bathtub instead. Partner it with your preferred bath salts, a glass of wine, and some relaxing music; that dip should soothe your body and soul.  

Touch Some Grass

Being indoors day in and day out can sap out the lives of anyone, let alone those who long for the green, green grass of home. Plan some time off during the weekend and pack your bags for relaxing, either by yourself or with the family.


If you’re a nature lover, an afternoon outside will surely do the trick to fill you with positive vibes. Whether at the local park or having your feet wet on the beach, nothing beats a change of scenery once in a while to recharge anyone. Additionally, your kids can stretch their legs and run around, something that growing kids need to develop.

Practice a Hobby

Almost everyone has hobby they enjoy, be it painting, cooking, writing, or others. Unfortunately, the daily grind has consumed our time to do what we want in exchange for our obligations.

Taking time to do what you’re passionate about is an important distraction that anyone should practice. Try out a new dish. Pick up those painting brushes and do some strokes. Finish that crochet you’ve skipped for the past months.

You can even have your kids join in on the fun and might even discover some hidden talents that they have. It’s also great to bond with the children while working on your passion.

Lie Down and Relax

The grind mindset of nowadays has taught us that doing nothing is wrong and that you must be continuously productive. Sure, being productive is essential, especially for parents, but there’s nothing wrong with taking your shoes off and relaxing on your favourite sofa once in a while.

If you feel that you have to work or do something all the time, challenge yourself and don’t do anything for the weekend. Have some food prepared the night before and stay late in bed. Get all the chores done and relax with a cup of joe. Turn off all notifications and unplug from work emails and social media. The feeling will not only be rewarding but also life-changing.  

Enjoy a Weekend You Deserve

Everyone needs some time to recharge and power up. You worked hard for the past week; now it’s time to enjoy the rewards and appreciate what you have. We hope these de-stressing tips inspire you to smell the roses this weekend.  

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