7 Hacks to Help Upgrade a Bathroom Space on a Budget

A bathroom upgrade could be the last thing on your mind when cash-strapped. Luckily, simple upgrades like learning how to descale a showerhead can transform your bathroom space without spending tons of money. 

What’s more, you get to add style and function to space without a complete overhaul, even just investing in some new bath rugs can make a difference. Here are some ideas.

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Descale Your Bathroom Fixtures

Despite the fascination with designing stylish bathroom spaces it’s not always possible to keep fixtures like showerheads and metal faucets clean and shiny. Scale build-up caused by a combination of soap scum and hard-water minerals stains these fixtures.

If your showerhead and other metal faucets look dated, it could be the surfaces are covered in scale. You don’t need to replace them with new ones, rather learn how to descale the metal faucets. Ordinary home products like vinegar do a pretty good job at removing lime scale.

Add Floating Shelves

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Many bathroom products are left floating on bathroom spaces making a space unsightly. If this is the case with your bathroom, consider adding a few open floating shelves.

They create storage space for the products and other items like towels. It would also help if you painted the shelves with complementary paint color to match the rest of the bathroom décor.

Hang a Wallpaper

Many bathroom walls have this bland look caused by the monochromatic paint colours used on the spaces. While they create a sense of calmness, they can create a rather boring bathroom space. 

Adding a colourful wallpaper breathes new life to the space while making your bathroom appear stylish and elegant. The wallpaper shouldn’t be too busy either. Neutral-toned wallpapers with a few floral aspects should come in handy.

On the same note, opt for temporary peel-and-stick wallpaper. A permanent wallpaper can be challenging to remove when moving, selling a home or performing bathroom upgrades.

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Use a Two-tone Paint Colour Scheme

If you’re not a fan of floral wallpapers, two-tone paint colour might be what your bathroom needs. The two colours create instant architectural interest and contrast without much investment. For the best results vary the height of the paint line.

Start by measuring the wall from the ceiling down and tape off areas to be painted with a different colour. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

  • Paint the ceiling with the same colour as the top hue. The idea is to create the illusion of a more expansive space
  • Use the two-tone colour effect to highlight specific features, e.g. a specific bathroom fixture or space
  • Use existing fixtures to determine where to start if you can’t decide where to start the paint line. Align the block of colour to the fixture to create a crisp, orderly look

Apply Fresh Caulk to Your Tub

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Cracked, brown, and mildew bathtub caulking can make your bathroom space appear dated. Applying a fresh coat of caulk livens up the bathtub area and the entire bathroom. Be sure to remove the old caulk including the residue for the best results.

Some homeowners prefer applying fresh caulk to the old one. While this method might create a relatively new look, it’s challenging to obtain a smooth and dry surface.

Tile the Bathroom Backsplash

Creating a statement wall in a small bathroom might be all you need to transform the space. And for a more impactful feel use patterned tiles. If you’re not ready to splurge, 3×6-inch subway tiles may come in handy.

They are affordable and incredibly versatile because you can use them to create a herringbone pattern or a more traditional running bond pattern.

Add a Frame to the Mirrors

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Adding mirrors is one hack many interior designers swear by when upgrading spaces including bathrooms. 

If you’re not ready to purchase one from an antique store or don’t have the time to look for one, consider adding a frame to the old one. A wooden or metallic frame might just do the trick.

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