7 Reasons Golf is Great for Kids

We know that children need to keep active as they grow up if we want them to be as healthy as can be. While there are tons of activities out there that they can perform in order to stay healthy and happy, there are some less obvious choices than others, golf, for example.

Golf has long been associated with older men who spend large amounts of money to ride around a field in a cart to swing at some balls for a bit. However, not only is this sport accessible to pretty much anyone, it’s a great way to perform a full-body workout with few of the risks normally associated with such exercise. Even kids can enjoy golf – here are 7 reasons why golf is a great choice for kids.

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1 It’s a physical activity that engages the whole body

At first glance, it may appear that golf is not a particularly physically engaging activity. Looks can be deceiving, however, as golf involves a lot of aerobic activity, which will help your child build both strength and endurance. Whether it’s through carrying the clubs, walking around the golf course, or even taking a swing and aiming the club at the ball, your child will actually get a great workout for their whole body, helping improve their hand-eye coordination and other physical abilities.

2 It’s safe

There are a lot of sports that children often partake in that carry the risk of physical injury. Team sports like football, as well as more individual disciplines like gymnastics and dance are included in this. With golf, however, you’re dealing with a sport that is not only non-contact but also low-impact, ensuring that there’s very little risk of injury. Of course, accidents do happen and you’re not completely safe from the risk of spraining your wrist, for example, but it’s still one of the safest options available.

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3 It’s time spent outside

It’s a well-known fact that children need to spend a lot of time outdoors in order to really thrive, but sometimes it’s just hard to convince them of it. With video games and other electronics keeping them glued to the screen, you may revel at every opportunity for them to spend some time outside. Golf gives you that opportunity, as it takes place exclusively in the wide-open fields, giving your kids a healthy helping of the fresh air and sunlight they need to stay healthy.

4 Anyone can do it

No one is expecting you to immediately become a pro at golf. The rules are incredibly simple, so even little kids will have a great time just playing the game without worrying about rules. It’s also not overly physically demanding, just make sure you pick the most forgiving driver for them so that they’ll have an easier time hitting the ball, reducing potential frustrations.

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5 It’s a good opportunity for making friends

Whether it’s time spent with a family or a golfing team, golf is a great time for bonding. Taking part in a joint activity always makes conversation easier, and sharing a topic is a great way to establish meaningful relations. Golf can therefore lead your children to develop important social skills.

6 It opens up potential opportunities

Who knows? It might just turn out that your child is really good at golf, perhaps even to the point that they’ll be able to pursue it as a professional career in the future. Whatever the case, without trying their hand at amateur golf first, they’d never have the opportunity to find that out.

7 It teaches important skills

Finally, golf has a lot to teach your children aside from physical skills. The rules of the game and the etiquette connected to it makes kids much more sensitive to social cues and helps them become more disciplined. It’s a great way to learn patience, which is a skill that can become very useful in the future in all areas of life.

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