70 years of Marigold: what’s in your kitchen cupboard?

70 years old

Marigolds! What image do they create for you? For me, when I think of Marigolds I think of the iconic yellow glove that my grandmother wore whilst cleaning the house, head scarf on and not really unlike the image they have on their website these days to be honest.

The Marigold brand is 70 years old this year, so it’s not surprising that I associate it with my grandmother. I’m not great at wearing rubber gloves myself, but almost on a daily basis I look at my hands and think I should have approach cleaning over the years like my grandmother did…properly! Grandmas always no best don’t they?

More than yellow gloves

Of course, things have moved on in the wonderful world of Marigold over the years and the brand is no longer just about the famous yellow glove. They now have cleaning solutions for every situation including:

  • gloves
  • cloths
  • scourers

70 years of Marigold

The Cleaning Me Softly non-scratch scourers are a great edition to the range as they remove tough dirt without scratching any surfaces. My favourite product from the range is the Scrunchie, which is the stainless steel spiral that works on extra tough dirt removal.

The Oops Away roll is ideal for when you are away and self catering and the Wiper Upper is just one of those things you always need at home, especially with children around.

Having looked into all the products that Marigold now do, I actually think one of the most useful products for me at the moment would be the Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves, so I must give those a try.

Marigold have tons of tips and tricks on their website, so be sure to check those out. My favourite though:

Broken glass?

Panic not! Pop on a pair of Marigolds and press a slice of bread on to the glass shards. The particles will stick to the bread

Are you a rubber glove person? What do you think of when you think of the famous Marigold brand?

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