9 fun ideas if your children get bored

Are your children always complaining that they are bored? Or do you know you have some events coming up soon where they’re bound to complain about having nothing to do? These fun ideas should help you to entertain them, and maybe even teach them a thing or two!

It’s not something I hear very often from my children but lots of parents have said to me over the summer that they hear this non stop, so here are a few things to consider.

Writing Poems And Stories

Why not ask your children to write you a poem or a story? This can really get their creative juices flowing, and could potentially keep them busy all day depending on how much they love to write. Even if they only do it for a little while, they’ll still be learning and developing in different ways as they do.

Putting On A Play

If you have more than one child with you, why not encourage them to put on a play? They could write it, direct it, and perform it for you when it’s ready. This can be so much fun!

Bake Sweet Treats

Lots of children love baking sweet treats, mostly because they get to eat the tasty treats once it’s all over. You can either bake them totally from scratch, or buy those easy to make kits. This can teach them lots of things about different food items, and even a bit of science thrown in there. Cooking is fun, delicious, and educational!

rainbow cake

Do A Scavenger Hunt

Do a scavenger hunt to keep the children busy. You could give them clues such as ‘hot’ for closer and ‘cold’ for further away. You could hide anything, from a sweet treat to a random item around the house. If you pick a good hiding place, it should keep them busy for a while. My little boys love to hunt for dinosaurs.


Online Quizzes

Online quizzes can be a fun way to learn and even waste a bit of time. Hawkin’s Bazaar killer gadgets quiz is eye opening for many people, and there are lots more like it.  

Get Them To Make You Something

Children love to make things, and are really good at making something out of nothing. They could make you anything, from a toy rocket to a pretty necklace. It may be up to you to supply the materials, but after that, you can let their imaginations run wild.


Learn An Instrument

Learning an instrument requires you to have an instrument on hand, but if you think they’ll stick to it, it could be worth buying one for them. The earlier they start, the better at it they’ll be later on! You don’t even need to buy lessons. You can find all kinds of tutorials online. Our big girl plays guitar and the boys love to drum. They are all quite musical and love to dance and sing. Our eldest also writes her own songs.

Learn Magic Tricks

Showing off with a good magic trick is a great feeling. You could buy your children a kit or let them practice using online tutorials.

Do Some Origami

Origami is an impressive skill, I remember watching it done in Japan years ago. Your children could be making swans, fortune tellers, and other cool things in no time. It takes a little practice, but you never forget this once you’ve learned.

I hope these 9 ideas help to keep your home entertained. Do you have ideas you’d like to add? Leave a comment!


  1. I love all of your suggestions! I still remember putting on plays with my sister for my parents, and doing scavenger hunts too when I was younger! Can’t wait to play these games with my little ones when they are a bit older.

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