A bubbly good time

We love bathtime in our house. It’s one of the best parts of the day, when all the children pile in the bath together.

I wrote recently about this super bath toy that we have from Tomy which means the children can pretend to be in an ice cream parlor. This means that at the moment there is even more of a scramble to get upstairs and pile into the bath.


We always have loads of bubbles in the bath and we tend to use Childs Farm as a couple of the children are prone to eczema. Childs Farm have the most delicious smelling organic raspberry bubble bath which is kind enough to use on newborn skin. Lots of products for sensitive skin don’t smell especially appealing and look rather clinical but Childs Farm products appeal to children because they look and smell great.


When we pop a drop of this in our ice cream maker and mix it with a little water, the result is lots of raspberry ice creams with extra whip and lots of bathroom giggles for a bubbly good time.

What are you favourite bathtime bubbles?


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