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New Year, New Me – yay or nay?

What’s your take on the “new year, new me” business? There are still so many people who make New Year’s Resolutions, or set goals for the year ahead, or talk about all the things they are going to do differently this year BUT don’t you think it’s also become a bit trendy to behave in a way that snubs all of this?

I’ve seen a lot of things on social media recently where people are saying “new year, same me” and slating anyone who is talking about making a change or doing something new.

new year, new me

Two sides

Now, I actually see this from both sides. I certainly think that there are lots of people who shout from the roof tops all the things they intend to do at the start of each year and then don’t commit to these. This then makes the concept of New Year’s Resolutions a little pointless and gives them less authority somehow.

However, I also think that those people stating confidently that nothing is going to change during the year ahead are perhaps not giving themselves the most helpful environment.

Surely, we all want to make progress, in whatever area of life we are thinking about at the time. Surely we all want our careers to progress, our health to improve, our relationships to move forward? What exactly is the point of being stagnant in anything? We are all, are we not, in a constant state of evolution? We only know what’s possible when we push ourselves, and progress, (whatever that looks like) leads to happiness.

Why would we not want to raise our own standards? Who wants to get to the end of their life and congratulate themselves on remaining the same for their entire life?

Tony Robbins

Growth comes from strength

Let’s assume for a second that you’ve decided that you don’t want things to remain the same forever, but that you want to see growth in your life. Growth can only happen from strength. If there is anything you aren’t happy with in your life you can change it but you have to be strong.

Being healthy, helps us to be strong. When your body is weak you can’t perform at your peak. Good eating habits and staying hydrated can go a long way. Have you read anything around food as medicine? If not, take a look.

For that added piece of mind and a new year body boost, you could consider adding in a couple of key supplements. These days that doesn’t have to mean hard to swallow pills – there’s a new, sugar-free health supplement in town. Temptingly tasty, it helps to support you through every stage of your life.

pill free health

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Change the story

Sometimes we tell ourselves a story and that story stops us from getting what we really want. It helps us to justify to ourselves why we haven’t been able to make a particular change in our lives and we self-validate that it’s okay that we’ve not made the change.

We haven’t been able to do X because of Y, so we really want to BUT we can’t. These are the stories we tell ourselves. What I’m learning is that when something becomes a must, you can make it happen without the circumstances changing.

Being consistent and making small consistent changes, rather than trying half-heartedly to make one massive change, I feel is the key.

How about you?

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