Valentine’s Day gift ideas

No sooner has the Christmas stuff been packed away and you see Valentine’s Day gifts in the shops. Although, I have to say I’ve also seen Easter eggs! Yes, It’s still January and the Easter eggs are in the shops here – what’s going on?

What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you send a card? Buy a gift? Do you do anything for the children?

If you are looking for some gift inspiration, look no further than Cool Stuff. It’s such a fun site, you can find a gift suitable for anyone on there, any time of the year, but they also have some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas too.

How cute is this Love Message Mug? The outside is like a blackboard, so you can chalk on a little love message and easily wipe it off so you can change the messages everyday if you like. It’s not dishwasher safe, but you can pop it in the microwave. The chalk is included and at £8.99, this is a great value, fun gift for someone you love.

If you fancy leaving a little love note elsewhere, you could go with a love lamp! A lightbox basically, that you could of course leave your own little love note on.

The beauty of this is it’s portable. You can set it up in the bedroom one day, kitchen the next, or even use it during a movie night on another day. The letters are of course interchangeable, so you can change your message as often as you like.

This Cinema Light Box is priced at £17.49 and comes with 72 letters, numbers and symbols.

Maybe Valentine’s Day for you is all about snuggling up together and watching a movie, or your favourite box set even? If that sounds appealing, what about ordering his and hers Snug Rug Blanket With Sleeves?

These come in 6 different colours and are priced at £17.99 each. The blanket won’t slip down and even has a handy pocket. It’s made out of the softest, cosiest fabric too!

Maybe you are hoping someone will buy you flowers for Valentine’s Day? If so, you’ll need something to put them in won’t you. What about one of these fun Tassen Vases?

A vase’s task is to keep your flowers upright – but few vases can do so with the same style as the Emotion Vase! This charming vase seems very relaxed at all times. You can even place a singe flower into its smiling mouth if you want to give your bouquet a special look! How cute, I’ve not seen anything like this before. You can get matching mugs and bowls if you wish too!

This vase is priced at £39.99 and is even dishwasher safe!

If you are still struggling for a Valentine’s Gift idea, you can’t go wrong with a Jelly Beans Gift Box. Who doesn’t love a jelly bean? This is quite a collection with 50 flavours, but you can also get smaller boxes with 20, or 10 flavours as well.

These are the original Jelly Belly beans, a brand which is over 150 years old. It’s a quaility product and makes a lovely gift for someone with a sweet tooth. Also a great gift to share!

Have you thought about Valentine’s Day yet? What sort of gifts do you normally go for?

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