Blocked Shower Drain: 5 Expected Causes

When the water from a shower doesn’t drain, many homeowners find the smell repulsive. This may be a very upsetting experience, as the bathroom becomes damp, slimy, and, in some circumstances, downright revolting. It begs the question—what was the cause, why did the drain cease operating as it should so suddenly, are the drains clogged?

Having a blocked shower drain can be a regular problem in your house at other times. Unblocking a shower drain could be a difficult task.

If you wish to avoid this problem in the future, you need to know what caused the drain to get clogged in the first place.

This post outlines the most common causes of blocked drains and how to solve them quickly. You should always call a professional like HG if you are unable to fix the issue yourself since this might have a negative impact on the sewage system.

5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Let’s have a look at the most prevalent causes of blocked drains at homes:

1.      Hard Water

The first and arguably most crucial cause is the presence of hard water in a location. Deposition of micro-solids and particles are common in this water and tend to adhere to the pipe walls. Without regular cleaning, they build-up to the point where they obstruct the water’s flow. When hard water deposits clog your shower drain, you may apply a softening agent to remove them and restore proper operation to the system.

2.      Bathroom Drains

It is common to see shower drains clogged up with hair, skin flakes, or soap scum from showers. A clogged drain is the result of untreated hair buildup in the pipes for a lengthy period of time. You must first remove the drain’s stopper and then use a plunger to remove all of the accumulated debris from the pipes.

3.      Garbage

Even a little cap dropped in the shower may cause clogs in pipes. These items have a tendency to stray a long distance and get impaled in the pipes’ confines. Even a mineral soap may cause this since it would entirely obstruct the flow of water.

4.      Chemicals

Toxic chemicals may clog shower drains and are found in a wide variety of personal care products, including shower gels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and bathroom cleansers. They, too, accumulate in the sewage system and eventually block the drains, just like any other agent.

5.      Oils/Grease

The majority of people believe that grease simply clogs kitchen sink pipes. Soap scum and natural oils, which are typically used for bathing, also include grease or oil, as do soap and water. They do not dissolve with water, so they stay at the top and deposit on the walls of the system as they go down the drains.

Taking Care of the Shower Drain

You may avoid clogged drains by installing a hair barrier, which ensures that only water enters the pipes and any other thing that you could drop down the drains. In order to keep the water flow unaffected, pour equal parts vinegar and baking soda followed by boiling water at least once in four months.

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