Bringing characters to life

What are your children’s favourite shows on TV? Do they just enjoy watching the shows or do they recreate them when the show is over within their play?

Our children love to do this and can frequently be found re-creating scenes from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure, Dr Who, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and many more. One of the shows they have come to love over the last few months is The Lion Guard, a spin off show based on the original movie.

The children love The Lion King Movie and the older two have also seen the stage show, which I can highly recommend by the way as it was utterly mesmerising.

There is a great new play set that can now be purchased, produced by Flair. There are hours of fun to be had with recreating Lion Guard scenes from the show with this playset! Hyena’s Hide Out Playset is priced at £24.99 – The playset may be mini but the adventures are big at this creepy Hyena Hide Out! Pull down on a branch to close the bone jaw jail! Pull down on another branch to launch the destructive boulder and keep enemies at bay. When the boulder collides with the tree, the tree breaks apart on impact! If the boulder rolls in the other direction the teetering rock bridge will collapse!

Lion guard

This mini playset also includes a mini articulated figure with “kid power” features, which we really love. This is well made and very robust. It is recommended for age three and upwards but with supervision younger children would be fine. I do think it is quite pricey for what it is but the quality is very good, so it does seem as if it is one of those toys that will last.

The beauty for me is being able to watch the children recall scenes they have watched and re-play their versions of them with the playset. The children loved the fact that the playset  looked like a scary face with big teeth!

If you know any fans of The Lion Guard this would make a great gift.


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