Budget-friendly outdoor tips: 5 ways to improve the style and appearance of your pool deck

If you are someone who is lucky enough to live somewhere hot and spacious that has an outdoor pool, you will want to read on. One of the most effective ways to increase your home’s resale value and boost its appearance is to install a pool deck. There are lots of affordable pool deck ideas you can try. They can fit your needs and budget.

Benefits of a pool deck

Great for your lawn and pool

A muddy lawn encircling your yard is not a pleasant look. It is not a good idea to move all dirt, soil and debris into your swimming pool. This is because it will contribute to a heavy workload when it is time to tidy the area. Furthermore, if your lawn is close to your pool, you have to keep in mind that splashes from the pool can harm the grass.

It can improve the appearance and functionality of your backyard

Pool decks can greatly boost the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and the beauty of your pool. You will find lots of materials and designs that can boost your outdoor family area, allowing you to make the most of your pool when it is fully integrated into your home’s exterior.

It has entertainment value

Do you plan to relax and unwind around your pool? Then a pool deck can help you achieve this goal. It gives you lots of space to set your pool chair to rest and enjoy the sunlight. Your pool deck can be decorated with outdoor furniture, like a table and gazebo. Adding a pool deck to your swimming pool is the key to a fun-filled and entertaining party. No one has to worry about stepping on muck, grass or sand to grab a glass of juice after spending quality time swimming,

Pool Deck Designs for Small Spaces

Many property owners may find the cost of a composite decking board exorbitant. But there are many budget-friendly ideas for your pool deck that are visually appealing and highly functional.

These ideas include:

  • The use of low-maintenance materials such as composite decking.
  • Adding flowers or plants
  • Installation of gazebos and pergolas

Composite decking offers low maintenance and beauty while providing long-lastingness and moisture resistance.  Furthermore, adding flowers or plants can improve the area’s appearance, giving an olfactory delight. Adding gazebos and pergolas can serve as a space for entertaining and relaxation, offering shelter from the sweltering summer heat.

These ideas are pocket-friendly and easy to carry out, so ensure you put them into action if you need strategies to lower the cost of your pool deck project.

Pool Deck Designs for Bigger Spaces

For those with a bigger space pool deck area, it’s important to pay attention to the functionality and layout of the patio. A common layout for larger spaces is the L-shape, as it creates space for more seating and entertainment.

In the middle of the L-shaped pool is a basin of water. Furthermore, you can add loungers and tables to the external edges for dining and relaxation. It’s a fantastic way to arrange the area and create a distinct section around the different parts of the deck.

Other important factors include installing a cover structure, water features and landscaping to achieve a harmonious layout. You can install a gazebo or plant large trees to create a covered structure. This will serve as a shade for visitors to unwind and have fun around the pool while staying out of the sun.

Adding water-like features is also a great idea! For instance, you can use low-cost pumps to establish amazing scenery like waterways and streams.

Pool Deck Designs with Luxuries

For an ornate pool deck, you must add attractions like fire pits and BBQs. These features can be installed using inexpensive materials on a deck or ground deck. Alternatively, you may opt for luxurious amenities such as spas, cushy seats and umbrellas for protection from the sun.

Another strategy is to install a foldable canopy that you can place over the pool. This can serve as a protective cover from the sun while offering a sense of opulence to your outdoor space. 

Pool Deck Designs with Modern Styles

Modern Styles Consider adding elements such as fibreglass or marble if you wish to create a stylish, contemporary pool deck. This adds an elegant, modern style to your pool area while boosting its functionality.

You can use concrete to set up pathways and relaxation areas, while fibreglass can serve as a panel or section between areas.


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