Choosing the Perfect Snow Boots for Kids: A Comprehensive Guide

Winter can be a magical season, especially for kids who eagerly anticipate the first snowfall, snowball fights, snow tubes, sledges and building snowmen. However, to ensure your child’s winter adventures are safe and comfortable, it’s crucial to equip them with the right gear. Snow boots are a must-have, as they provide warmth, traction, and protection from the cold and wet. With so many options available, how do you choose the perfect pair? In this article, I will explore what to look for in snow boots for kids.

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One of the most critical aspects of snow boots for kids is insulation. Insulated boots keep your child’s feet warm and cosy, even in freezing temperatures. Look for boots with synthetic insulation like Thinsulate for example, which is designed to trap heat and maintain warmth. The insulation should be breathable to prevent sweaty, uncomfortable feet.

If you live in the UK, you might think, well it doesn’t get THAT cold, but trust me when I say, cold kids are miserable kids. It’s worth getting the proper kit if you can. There are plenty of second hand sites where you can pick up barely used items, if you don’t want to spend on a brand new pair.

I love the KEEN KIDS Puffrider Snow Boots as these are designed to feel like sleeping bags for the feet, with KEEN.WARM insulation rated to -25°F/-32°C, these have a Thermal Heat Shield insole which captures warmth.


Snow often comes with slush and wet conditions, especially here in the UK. To keep your child’s feet dry, opt for snow boots with waterproof materials. Look for a waterproof membrane or coating that keeps moisture out while allowing for breathability. Seam-sealed construction is another important feature that prevents water from seeping through the seams.

The Puffrider warm boots have a waterproof synthetic and textile upper, and a KEEN.DRY waterproof, breathable membrane – perfect for keep small feet and toes dry whilst they have fun.


Slippery surfaces can lead to accidents, especially for active kids. Ensure the boots have a non-slip, durable outsole with deep treads to provide excellent traction on snow and ice. Rubber soles are a common choice for their grip and durability. Whilst rolling around in the snow can be fun, slipping on ice is not fun for anyone. Another bonus of the KEEN snow boots is that they have a multi-directional lug pattern on the base of the boot, which provides superior traction.

Comfort and Fit:

Kids need comfortable boots that don’t cause blisters or discomfort. Make sure the boots fit well, with enough room for warm socks but not so much space that the feet slide around inside. Boots with cushioned insoles and soft linings are more comfortable for extended wear.

Easy On and Off:

Getting little ones ready to go out can be a challenge, so look for snow boots with features that make putting them on and taking them off a breeze. Features like wide openings, hook-and-loop closures, or slip-on designs can save time and frustration. The Puffrider boots have a very easy to use lace-lock bungee system, which children can easily operate without assistance and without getting frustrated.

Temperature Rating:

Some snow boots come with temperature ratings, indicating the lowest temperature at which they can effectively keep your child’s feet warm. Look for boots rated for the coldest temperatures your child might encounter, but keep in mind that personal comfort can vary.


Snow boots come in various heights, from ankle boots to knee-high styles. Choose the height that best suits your child’s needs. Higher boots offer better protection against deep snow, while ankle boots may be more comfortable for shorter outings. This often depends on the age and height of the child as well, high boots tend not to be very comfortable for small children as the interfere with the bend in the knee and end up restricting movement.


Kids are known for being tough on their shoes, so durability is essential. Look for snow boots made from high-quality materials and reinforced seams. Some boots also feature reinforced toes and heels for extra protection. These Puffrider boots use an innovative construction that fuses the upper and sole together for a longer-lasting bond without the use of glues and solvents.


While functionality is key, your child’s preferences matter too. Many snow boots come in a variety of colours and styles. Allowing your child to have a say in the selection can make them more excited about wearing their boots, these particular ones come in four colours.


Snow boots for kids come in a wide price range. Consider your budget but remember that investing in a quality pair can ensure your child’s comfort and safety throughout the winter season. The bonus is that snow boots often last really well, so you can either pass them down to a younger child or sell them on.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the perfect snow boots for kids involves a careful balance of warmth, waterproofing, comfort, and style. With the right pair of snow boots, your child can fully enjoy winter’s delights without the worry of cold, wet feet. Keep these factors in mind when shopping, and you’ll find the ideal boots that make winter adventures both fun and comfortable for your little ones.

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