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Have you ever collected anything? There are so many collectables to choose from.

My grandpa was a stamp collector and had stamps from all over the world in a special book. He used to get it out to show me every so often as the collection expanded.

My brother went through a keyring collection phase when we were young. Our dad made him a special display board with hooks that he could attach them all to.

I ‘collected’ My Little Ponies  as a child. It all started when my dad was teaching me to swim. He had spent a while trying to get me to swim a full width of the local pool. He said if I swam all the way across he would buy me something. The incentive worked. I said I’d like a My Little Pony.

I swam across, turned around and swam back and told my dad he needed to buy me two My Little Ponies. I think he was so thrilled with what I’d achieved and my savvy negotiation skills that he didn’t argue.  My ‘collection’ went on from there.

The children have collected all sorts over the years. Cuddly Disney princesses, cars, superhero figures, books from a particular series, and even dressing up costumes.

Crystal Zelfs are a current ‘collector’ option, with a whole range to choose from. These seem to have had a revamp and revival, much like My Little Ponies. These used to be referred to as trolls ‘back in the day’ and I had one with pink hair. The Zelfs toys are lovable creatures with crazy hair! The Zelfs live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia.


Do your children collect anything?

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