Get giggling with the Tiddlytubbies

tiddlytubbies toys

Are your little ones fans of the Tellytubbies? If so they will love the Tiddlytubbies no doubt, basically tiny cute versions of the Tellytubbies. I don’t remember my eldest two children really being bothered by Teletubbies when they were little, but the two little boys are quite mesmerised by them. 2017 is the 20th anniversary […]

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Top 5 funny gifts for children

funny gifts for children

Gift shopping for children can be such a mixed bag over the years. Sometimes there are almost too many possibilities of things to get and you have to try and balance what to give them between birthdays and Christmases. Perhaps there are some specific things children have asked for, perhaps there are things they really […]

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Rainy day play


When the weather is bad and you don’t fancy getting your waterproofs on and heading out anyway, it can be helpful to have a list of rainy day play options to hand. Things to have in that you can whip out to keep the troops happy. Baking and crafting are always top of the children’s […]

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April Fools Day

I remember at school that April Fools Day was always quite a big thing. There would always be a couple of teachers that would manage to pull off a real cracker and have everyone reeled in. At university there would always be something crazy on April Fools Day and after I left and began working […]

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The benefits of character toys

Does your child have a favourite TV character? Who is it? Peppa? Dora? One of the Teletubbies? Fireman Sam? Or something else? Do they have toys that match these preferences? How educational do you think these toys are? I wrote recently about encouraging creativity in children and how character toys that already have personalities and names […]

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Teletubbies Takeover

If you are a regular reader of the blog you might have read our Teletubbies Teaser recently. If you didn’t catch it you can read it here. On Christmas Eve we received a very special parcel from Character Options. When we finally got around to opening it, there were some very excited little people on hand to […]

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Teletubbies teaser

We have a bit of a teaser to share with you today. On Christmas Eve we received a very special parcel from Character Options which we will be opening on the 11th of January. We have no idea what’s in the box, other than that the toys inside are from the brand new Teletubbies range. If […]

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