Common Plumbing Issues In British Homes: Top Four Areas To Watch Out For

Plumbing is an important component of your home. Its fittings, fixtures, and apparatus are present at every corner of your property and its vicinity. They come with multiple challenges and issues. In this article, I will explain the areas of your home that are the source of these plumbing issues so you can monitor them in order to curtail worsening situations and prevent leakages, cloggings, or leaks before they occur. The most important thing to remember is that is you are ever in any doubt, contract a professional Drainage Company for help.

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Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are the parts of your home with the largest installation of plumbing fittings and fixtures. This implies that a lot of plumbing problems can be discovered in those areas. Common plumbing issues in the kitchen and bathroom include shower leaks, clogged drains, dripping faucets, and broken water heaters. Due to constant pressure and wear, your plumbing apparatus is susceptible to these kinds of problems.

Don’t forget to pay attention to places where there are puddles of water, leak marks, and stains. If you notice wet patches on your walls or perceive any musty or unpleasant odour, it may be a result of the build-up of moisture on your walls. This is an indication of plumbing problems.

You might have seen scary stories about broken taps in bathrooms or a clogged sink in the kitchen. Problems of this nature can result in a serious replacement bill and mould and mildew issues. If you leave them for too long, they become very complicated. Smart homeowners can avoid these problems with due diligence, a watchful eye, and timely repairs.

Be sure to seek the assistance of licenced plumbers for complex issues like a kitchen revamp or bathroom renovation. While this may have high initial costs, a proper installation will eliminate the possibility of future issues.

If you are in the UK, you would realise the need to get in touch with a professional plumber to care for your plumbing fixtures. Getting a reliable plumber for small jobs is important if you are in a town like Upton, Bury, Reading, or Sutton Courtenay. In fact, finding a plumber in Didcot town for your toilet job is essential for diagnosing your plumbing issues and getting them fixed promptly.

Water Heater

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This is another part of the house where issues and leakages frequently take place. This big metal tank has a large volume of water for daily use. It also features a heating component and piping systems to send out that water. Because of this, it becomes susceptible to corrosion and rust after a period of long use. This is why you will usually notice that the heater begins to develop issues, and they are most often electronic.

When your system fails to distribute hot water, all you have to do is check the thermostat or heating components. These parts usually deteriorate, but the good news is that you can easily replace them.

Another source of problems is the accumulation of debris and sediment inside the unit. This can lead to a pungent smell or tapping sounds. To rectify this, your plumber has to carry out a full replacement of the unit or just drain and flush the tank. This will ultimately enhance the durability of the hot water tank and boost its workability.

If you want to upgrade your tank, speak to a plumbing expert about an instant-on water heater or solar domestic hot water system. They are excellent for cutting the costs of heating and improving the longevity of your plumbing system.

Sewer or Septic

The sewer or septic system is an important component of your plumbing. It is effective in disposing of waste from your home. Although it can remain functional for a long time, you have to properly maintain and drain it. A rule of thumb is to ensure that your septic tank is pumped once in three to five years. Also, whenever you plan to upgrade or change your plumbing components, get a plumber expert to check and evaluate the sewage system.

If your septic pump is broken, treat it as an emergency and get it fixed right away. Sewage systems are an infrastructure built and operated by your community; however, issues may emanate from the pipe that carries waste from your house to the central treatment plant. To prevent this important pipe from being blocked, do not flush hard objects like paper towels, hair, female hygiene products, and baby diapers. Ideally, the only materials that you can safely flush down the toilet are waste matter and toilet paper.

Outdoor Plumbing

Outdoor plumbing that functions to provide water for taps, sprinklers, and faucets demands some level of maintenance to keep them running effectively. If there are leaks and faulty pipes, water can overflow in your garden, causing moisture damage to your walls and other outdoor elements. For instance, a faulty valve can cause flooding in your basement.

So, ensure that when the weather is freezing, your outdoor plumbing system is shut off. Also, carry out the replacement of faulty valves and pipe systems to forestall a serious leakage issue.

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where your garden gets destroyed, but with a broken pipe in your sprinkler system, it is possible. When this problem occurs, replacement might be costly. This implies that frequent upkeep of your sprinkler system is highly important. This will lower the likelihood of leakages in your exterior plumbing.

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As a homeowner, you can experience plumbing problems at any time. This is why they are worth paying attention to. Get in touch with a professional plumber to inspect leaks and other plumbing issues in your garden, bathroom, and kitchen areas. Be sure to look after your water heater, particularly if the unit has been used for over five years. Your septic system deserves frequent maintenance, too, and if your drainage pipes are blocked, ensure you get them fixed to prevent the dreaded sewage backup problem.

Outdoor plumbing issues are the leading cause of basement flooding, and even worse is the destruction of landscaping. So, if you notice any of these problems, contact your plumber to fix them immediately.


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