Crunchy prawn stir fry

I love prawns. I mean, really love prawns. I also love crunchy veggies, so stir fry is a great option.

Stir fry is ideal for busy parents. It’s super quick to prepare and a good healthy option. If I was using chicken or pork I’d use a tiny bit of coconut oil in the pan, but with prawns I find there is enough moisture in them and the veggies not to use any oil at all.


With a stir fry you could make it slightly differently each time, there’s no exhaustive list of what you should include, so cater to your own tastes.

If you are REALLY pressed for time you can use pre-prepared stir fry veggies, if you have a bit more time, I’d suggest investing half an hour in chopping and preparing all your veggies, using what you need for your prawn stir fry and popping the rest in a container in the fridge – that way, when you’ve had a manic day later in the week you can have dinner on the table in less than 10 minutes.

When choosing your veggies try to select a rainbow of colours, it’s an easy way to make sure you are pumping a variety of nutrients into your body.

I normally opt for fresh king prawns, as I find them tastier, but you can use any prawns you like.

I use sweet chilli sauce as it’s my favourite, but again, select the sauce that YOU prefer.

I like to add some extra nutrients and crunch by using nuts and seeds to my stir fry. I would normally add in roasted cashew nuts and organic sunflower seeds, but again, add in what you like.

Cashew nuts are beneficial for your heart, your eyes, your blood and your skin and sunflower seeds are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

You can eat your stir fry just with your prawns, veggies, nuts and seeds, or you can add in noodles. I prefer rice noodles, they are light, quick, gluten free and have a lower carbohydrate value than other noodles.


You can’t go wrong with a stir fry. I start with the prawns in the wok first, add the veggies, then the nuts and the seeds, add the sauce and then stir in the rice noodles for the last minute. The whole cooking process can be done in five minutes. ideal if you are time tight!

You can top with extra nuts and seeds once you have served your dish, for added crunch.

Do you like stir fry? What’s your favourite?

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