Cut the Cost of School! Quick Hacks to Save You Money

If you think that school is putting too big a strain on your wallet, you’re not alone. According to some research, we can end up spending at least an extra £200 a year for each child when it comes to uniforms and equipment.

Fortunately, the clever team at Marbles have put together an impressive list of simple life hacks that should help you save a bit more money over the next 12 months. If you wan to cut at least £100 from your school budget, it’s worth giving at least some of these a try.

  • Let’s face it, your child’s feet can smell and those shoes quickly start to make you feel a little queasy. Don’t spend all your hard earned cash on expensive deodorisers or odour eaters which can cost you about £3.50 a pop. Instead invest in some lemon tea bags and put these inside the shoes or trainers while they’re sitting on the floor.
  • Buying stationary – everything from pens and pencils to notebooks – can certainly add to your costs, especially when you have more than one kid. Taking a trip to the local car boot sale can actually save you money and you’ll be surprised what you can pick up.
  • If your girls are wearing tights to school, they can often get runs and snags which means you have to buy them new pairs. Spraying tights with a little extra-hold hairspray can prevent them getting runs in the first place and save you a few pounds in the process.
  • Children tend to lose buttons at the rate of a million a year if most parents are to be believed. Don’t sit there waiting with your needle and thread and a bag of miscellaneous buttons – put a little coat of clear nail varnish on each button. That should stop the thread unravelling and keep them on the shirt and not on the floor.
  • Fed up with those sweat stains and having to replace shirts and blouses? There are several hacks you can use to lengthen the life of that uniform. Sprinkle some baby powder under the armpits of shirts, wash dark trousers and skirts with a little white vinegar or squeeze some fresh lemon over that sports kit before you put it in the washing machine. These all help keep those school clothes in great condition which means you don’t have to fork out and replace them.

cutting the cost of school

Try these quick hacks and they’ll certainly save you a few pounds and pennies over the year. Check out the complete list from the team at Marbles right here.

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