Dealing with unwanted hair

Is there anything more annoying than unwanted hair as a woman? Possibly more something that brunettes out there are more familiar with, if you are fair, you’re unlikely to have such issues.

Hair removal sucks.

When you have dark hair and features it sucks even more.


Like millions of women I’ve tried all sorts of hair removal options over the years but come back to the good old razor over and over again, with some epilation in between. It’s quick and easy and cheap but sadly, for a brunette, never lasts long.

The trouble with epilation on legs is it takes so long to do and really, how many mums have time for that? I think that’s one of the reasons so many people end up coming back to a razor on the legs as it’s just quick and doesn’t really require much thought when you’ve done it for years.

I know some people who swear by waxing and others that have success with creams etc but despite trying everything, I’ve never found that these last any longer than shaving.

Since, around the age of ten when I became very aware of the hair on my legs and the need to remove it, getting rid of this has been a constant trauma. Trauma sounds dramatic I know but it is such a huge hassle and inconvenience that it becomes exactly that over the years, an on-going trauma and a total pain in the ass.

How do you manage unwanted hair? Are you into waxing or hair removal creams? Or do you always end up going back to the razor? Talking of creams, for anyone struggling with unwanted hair on the arms or face even, you could try Jolen. This stuff has been around for years but recently beauty blogger Jasmine Regmi has been recommending it after sharing her results on her Instagram page.

dealing with unwanted hair

It’s fast, only taking around 10 minutes, painless and hairs are left lightened and skin soft. It’s a great solution for dark hairs on the arms, although quite a lot of cream is required for that and it only comes in a small pot. Also perfect for young girls who are self conscious about dark hairs.

What methods do you find the best?

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  1. I’d say all forms of hair removal are good because, in the end, they all do their job. However, I think what’s important is how long the results last. Yeah using a razor is super fast, but for me personally, the results only last for like 2 days. I tried epilators in the past, and although my skin stays smooth for longer, the pain was unbearable. I tried creams as well and I found the smell to be too strong on everything I’ve tried. I haven’t tried Jolen though, so perhaps I’ve just been unlucky when it comes to creams?
    I think the best form of hair removal I’ve ever tried is laser hair removal. Although it’s pricier than other methods, I’m really happy with the results.

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