Life in lockdown: hair and beauty

As the world begins to slowly open up, perhaps you are one of the people desperate to get to the hairdressers? Perhaps you’ve have to make a trip to the dentist? Or perhaps you are just dying to get your nails done? How have you coped not being able to do these things during the last few months?

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Dealing with unwanted hair


Is there anything more annoying than unwanted hair as a woman? Possibly more something that brunettes out there are more familiar with, if you are fair, you’re unlikely to have such issues. Hair removal sucks. When you have dark hair and features it sucks even more. Like millions of women I’ve tried all sorts of […]

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Reinvigorate your hair this summer

summer hair

While you may not have noticed a change in the temperature yet, and might even have become somewhat accustomed to baggy jumpers and tights, your hair, tired of hiding beneath hats and hoods, is just about ready for a break. The simple truth is that you deserve a little pamper time, and there has never […]

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