A different kind of ‘holiday’ – cosmetic tourism is on the rise

What is the definition of a holiday? It’s not hard to imagine that it varies between people, from the relaxing beach-side wind-down, to the mountain hiking sports trip. Either way, most people will agree that taking a holiday means taking a break from your current environment, and this means leaving your area of work or residence.

A relatively new concept these days is that a holiday can include plastic surgery. If you’re hearing this idea for the first time it might surprise you, but it comes from a thriving industry that has developed into a billion dollar entity across the globe.

cosmetic tourism

Cosmetic tourism, or plastic surgery tourism has only increased in the last decade, now expanding to countries as far abroad from the West as South America, India, Czech Republic and Turkey. Plastic surgery travel involves flying to a destination to have a chosen aesthetic procedure done at what is often a fraction of the price in United Kingdom or America.

Due to the demand for plastic surgery, it is no surprise that places which are able to offer it more cheaply have entered the market in a big way, and are now changing the decisions of consumers all over the world.

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Cheap surgery? Holiday included? Sounds good – but does it always work out? Some of the first questions we might want to ask are about whether the doctor will be of the same European standard, or whether hygiene standards are at the same level as your home country. Also is it possible to really holiday after a cosmetic surgery? Consumers say a range of different things according to their experiences.

With a look at reviews online we can see two different experiences. The first seems to be that some did not find the time to enjoy their holiday after surgery, simply due to their recovery time. The attractive locations of Prague and elsewhere could go to waste if your procedure is very extensive. Some users report staying mostly in their resort or hotel before going home because of this.

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On the other hand, there are those that have been able to take time to enjoy their surroundings after surgery, but they seem to be the people that have booked to be away for a longer period of time, giving themselves both adequate time to recover and time to explore. It is a good idea to have extra time for recovery if you plan to explore and enjoy the local environment. It of course also depends on the kind of surgery you are having. Consumers should consider whether a large or small procedure is suitable according to where they are going.

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At the end of the day good planning makes for all the better experience. Don’t be afraid to check with your doctors or medical travel agent when considering the balance between holiday and recovery that is ideal for you.

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