Disney Frozen Competition: Win a bundle of Anna prizes

There are so many amazing Disney movies and so many that the children love. The magic of Disney is like no other. Great stories, great music, timeless movies. There is one Disney movie in the last few years however that created an enormous amount of hysteria.


You know what I’m going to say don’t you? FROZEN – this movie and the music were huge and still are.

We know that some of you lovely readers have massive FROZEN fans living with you, so we have a fantastic competition for you.

You could win ALL of the things below.

Anna Wig

Frozen competition

Coronation Anna Costume

Frozen competition

Premium Anna Costume

Frozen competition

Anna Jelly Shoes

Frozen competition

So if you know a little wannabee Anna – get entering now! UK entrants only please.

Good luck!

Win a Frozen bundle of Anna dress up items

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  1. It is such a hard choice but if I am only allowed to pick one I will have to go with The Little Mermaid.

  2. Bedknobs and Broomsticks, such a fabulous film, great cast, fantastic songs and all in all a terrific story

  3. My absolute fave Disney movie is The Lion King. I can pretty much recite the entire script after years of reanacting the film as a kid x

  4. My favourite is Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp as I grew up watching them over and over

  5. My favourite is The Jungle Book, but my 2 year old Daughter Amelia loves Frozen and is desperate for Elsa’s dress!

  6. The original Jungle Book has always been my favourite as it happened to be the first movie I ever saw at the cinema.

  7. Its so hard I love so many Disney Films, I’m going to have to say its Finding Nemo, I can happily watch it over and over

  8. Finding nemo is my favourite but my little one is obsessed with the new Beauty and the beast 🙂

  9. ive always loved beauty and the beast! i want to be be belle i mean have you seen her library! my youngest daughter loves what she calls let go (frozen) and our older girl also loves frozen, the boys prefer big hero 6

  10. Beauty and the Beast but I have a soft spot for the Pocahontas colours of the wind song

  11. Oh so many to choose from but we are loving Moana in this house at the moment but of course with two girls, Frozen is a favourite!

  12. I loved the jungle book and after watching it so many times know the whole casts script and still remember it now even though I am still pretty pants at remembering where I put my car keys and glasses lol.

  13. It’s either The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Can’t decide between the two.

  14. Such a tough one! Always loved Beauty and the Beast though! Looking forward to the new one, not seen it yet!

  15. Oh hard choice. I will say Cinderella as it is so close to my childhood and my daughter loves it.

  16. Oh that’s a tough one. I do love Beauty and the Beast, but also love so many others.

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