Do you need support with your new year nutrition and fitness goals

Did you have plans for this year to overhaul your fitness and nutrition? How is it going? If you are wavering a little and need some assistance to get back on track read on to find out how Katie & Leanna Nutrition may be able to help you.

Who are Katie & Leanna?

Katie & Leanna are twin sisters who are nutrition advisors and have set up their own business with a mission to help women achieve their weight loss goals. 

They were tired of hearing about people going on restrictive fad diets and wanted to create an offering which promotes a healthier approach to dieting and actually educating their clients on sustainable weight loss. They currently offer weight loss plans and personalised plans as well as online coaching. You can find them over at Instagram.

Get on track in 8 weeks

The 8 Week Weight Loss Meal Plan is designed for women who would like to lose weight through a healthy and balanced diet. This product is a 50 page digital download which allows you to Work out your own personalised calories using 3 simple steps. 

Once you have worked out your calories, all you will need to do is pick from one of the breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes each day and choose from the snack options to stick to your daily calorie allowance. 

The plan includes 15 breakfast recipes, 30 main meal recipes and 5 dessert recipes. All 50 recipes have minimal ingredients and just 5 easy steps (includes vegetarian options). There is also a table of healthy snacks categorised into calorie amounts for you to choose from .

You get a PDF with top tips covering things like an explanation of energy balance and macronutrients, how to meal plan, how to control your portions, healthier cooking alternatives, reducing salt intake, the importance of fibre, tips for eating out and much more. You also get a weekly meal planner template to help you plan your meals and stay on track.

Example meals

Here are a few of the meals they have in the 8 week plan:

Blueberry Porridge: 300 calories
40g Oats
140ml Almond milk
40g Blueberries
Half tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp Honey
(If you prefer semi-skimmed milk,
use 30g oats)

Smashed Avocado and Eggs on Toast: 300 calories
1 Slice of wholemeal toast
2 Boiled eggs
Quarter of an avocado
Lemon juice
Pinch of black pepper

Chicken, Rice and Avocado: 500 calories
1 Chicken breast
Rice (60g dry weight)
Quarter of an avocado
Half tbsp olive oil

50 calorie snacks
1 Apple
1 Satsuma
1 Carrot
30g Dried Apricots
40g Edamame Beans
10 Olives

Does this sound like the kind of plan that would be useful to you? Pop over to their website for more information.


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